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After years of struggle, civil wars, and myriad of social challenges, the country has marked its significance in the global map. The US prides itself in establishing a democratic and free society where all people are equal. The fundamental rights of the people are protected by the constitution. Ideally, the US is an epitome of social, economic, and political prowess. The resources have attracted many people to come to the US. Immigrants enjoy relative peace in relation to their status in the US. The immigrants can work and study in the US. On the other hand, the non-immigrants are individuals who are allowed to stay in the country temporarily. Depending on the type of visa issued upon entry, a person can stay for the prescribed period.

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When the period expires, the person, who is a visitor to the US, is expected to leave (Newton 40). For example, some immigrants from Mexico go a step further by using underground tunnels to reach the US (Fogel 20). Illegal immigration sometime is attributed to human trafficking that is rampant world over. People risk their lives to gain entry into the US, the land full of promise and uncertainties. Cases are reported of illegal immigrant whose lives have turned into hell to the point of wishing that they were taken back to their original countries. The growing interest in the term illegal alien has been instigated by the controversial political debate on the Immigration Policies of the US (Chiswick 110). It is arguable that the use of the term illegal alien to refer to undocumented immigrant has led to emergence of serious consequences on the said aliens.

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I have no problem with the use of the term illegal. For the society to have a sense of direction, it must be guided by rules and regulations. The rules authorize a person on what to do or avoid. Any person who contravenes the regulation has done something illegal and should prepare for the consequences. The public domain is aware of the cases reported in the media showing the inhumane treatment and working conditions of the illegal immigrant. Whereas the term illegal immigrant should be a concern of the authorities, seemingly some employers have taken the due advantage of the illegal immigrant status to exploit them (Short, Robert, and Magana 703). A fundamental question that arises by the use of term illegal immigrant is the apparent violation of their fundamental rights (Johnson 264).

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At any point, the US is governed with a constitution. The legal constraints define how the employers treat their employees, including setting standard for minimum wage. The amendments in the legal provisions will have ripple effect on the fate of illegal immigrant in the country. By removing the term illegal, the ordinary citizens will view the undocumented citizens as people who lack some documentation. Another term that should be discarded is “alien”, by removing this term in the laws, at least, the way undocumented immigrants are treated will change at all levels of the society. Works Cited Newton, Lina.  Illegal, alien, or immigrant: The politics of immigration reform. Short, Robert, and Lisa Magana. "Political rhetoric, immigration attitudes, and contemporary prejudice: A Mexican American dilemma.

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