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The formation allows for the dissemination of information from the radio station to the mass population who receive the data. Since the historical time's radio has been used to pass information, this is still practiced by contemporary lifestyle techniques. People still listen to the radio, and the technology remains relevant. Wave technology is used for television sets, mobile phones. Therefore, allowing communication between two people hence understanding as well as sharing information through the medium. This led to the families being entertained by their favorite stations (Xroads, 2018). For instance, opera season had nice shows this includes sports, classical music, popular music, and drama shows. This included George Burns and Gracie Allen’s Burns and Allen, the Jack Benny Show. By the year 1922, almost 600 radio stations were present.

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During the golden age period, most of the listeners were interested in music. For instance, programs such as Norman Corwin’s he talked about the happenings in the field. The program being titled ‘No one is invited to sit down and take it easy’ the show was based on war stories. Gerd Horten, Radio Goes to War radio show was thrilling. The show focused on propaganda that was shared during the times of world war two. The program centered on cultural politics that surrounded the society at that time. The culture took two decades to start gaining acceptance. Concerning political settings television provided a good avenue for broadcast. For example, the Republican and Democratic conventions lived from Philadelphia in 1952 was broadcast to the nation (Kaid, 2018).

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The people who were in the rural areas of America also saw the proceedings with ease. The debate centered on Dwight D. This led to the show being interesting as the contestant juggled around to solve the puzzle. Television programs were fixed with fine performances. For example, Edward R Murrow blew the whistle on how Sen. Joseph McCarthy exploited the nations worry on communism. Also, the debate that was aired between Kennedy and Nixon was very interesting (Kaid, 2018). Christopher, H. and Randy S. Radio broadcasting. Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc. Retrieved from https://www. gov/topicpages/p/political+online+communication. html Accessed on 29, November, 2018 Xroads. Radio in the 1920s: Emergence of Radio in the 1920s and its Cultural Significance. USA, Virgina. Retrieved from 2018.

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