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The man currently weighs 89 kilograms. He is an accountant at a bank. He describes his typical workday as one spent behind the desk with a minimal movement which at most involved t is walking to his colleagues’ work desks. Considering the fact that he works atin the most popular bank in town, he barely has enough time to get a proper meal. He prefers the readily available junk food which he orders from a fast food store. Mylifestyle. My client is however well aware of the fact that his feeding habits are unhealthy since he mostly consumes unhealthy foods like snacks daily. es unhealthy foods every day. He also exercises very little and that is why his energy balance is too much down low than expected.

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is too much on the positive side. Evening section: from 5 PM Do 2 kilometers walk, and then engage with his set of 5-pound weights and push-ups, lunges and squats. Perform simple triceps pulls and bicep pulls at the comfort of his house or office. Summary and conclusion Just as it is, tThe first step to starting the journey of a healthy lifestyle is proper nutrition. Here are some of the actions I included in my client’s plan to shed some calories and still rewards a lot. etain right muscle in the long-run: The first recommendation was to minimize the consumption of snacks. Having calories in the morning m 400 calories of your morning meal will keep you satisfied. This will keep my client from craving for the junk food he is used toto.

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Remember nitrites. Include nutrients which are vital in stabilizing sugar levels, a lean protein, fibere and whole grains. These will keep one feeling full and the journey to shed calories will not be for vain feel like a sacrifice of torture (Silva, 2013). Water also eases the process of digestion and prevents disorders such as constipation. I also recommended foods that are rich in water content such as watermelon, pineapple, celery, tomatoes and cucumbers. These keep one feeling fuller as they are rich in fibere. C An exercise is a form of planned workout. Consistentonsistent exercise helps working out eases the burning of excess calories in the body (Nutrition. Through strength training, my client will build up his lean muscles and burn more calories.

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Some push-ups, lunges and squats will be essential to initiate the strength training processs. With the weights, he can quickly perform simple triceps pulls, and bicep pulls in the comfort of his house or office. Having these exercise daily, he will definitely have him shed considerable amount of calories Having these exercises daily at the start of his day will see to it that he sheds a considerable amount of calories (Silva, 2013). LWith the recommendations I had for my client and his determination to lose weight, I was sure that within no time he would be a happy and content client after achieving his goals regarding his weight, nutrition and energy balance. gov. Interested in Losing Weight?. [online] Available at: https://www.

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