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Digital technology has brought about adverse effects to the cinema industry, and that is the reason why it is referred to as the death of cinema. Its effects are doing no good to the cinema, and that is the reason why many are against the use of the technology in cinema. The digital technology has brought about effects in the cinema, and this shouldn't be the case since the industry is losing its core values with the use of technology in shooting and script writing. It is essential to focus on the use of digital technology in the cinema while exploring some of the effects of technology in cinema concerning Dogme 95. Dogme 95 is a movement started by Von Tier and Vinterberg, and it was meant to counter the digital technology that had been introduced into the industry.

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This is no longer the case with the modern film as things have changed drastically and this is the reason why Dogme 95 was introduced to help in restoring sanity in the industry. Dogme 95 champions for sanity in the sector since technology is changing the culture and tradition of the film industry. With the digital era, everyone is in a position to come up with a film, and this shouldn’t be the case. There should be uniformity in the film industry, and that can only be realized with the use of rules or standards that are meant to ensure that all filmmakers have a reference point which guides them on how to come up with a film. This is not possible with the use of digital technology in the film industry, and that is the reason why it is referred to as the death of cinema.

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Hollywood was on the forefront incorporating technology into its operations, and this changed the meaning of cinema. Films were produced at huge budgets which should be the case3. Digital technology came with a price since it is expensive to come up with a digital movie. This means that the trend was changing in the past when the films were intended to be cheap and straight to the point regarding content. With technology the filmmaking industry had changed significantly and as the traditions were no longer taken the consideration in the shooting4. Digital technology has affected the production, exhibition, and consumption of the film industry. For instance, it has disrupted the independent film distribution practice that has existed in the industry for a long time.

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This has affected the outcome of the industry whereby the consumption rate has reduced significantly. Previously the consumption and distributions were under control, and this is due to a structure that placed that guided the filmmakers on how to go about the distribution of movies. Creatively is limited and the culture of creatively is dying day by day because the digital era is about coming up with movies and selling without taking into consideration of the content that they produce. With this in place it is easy to help the producers understand on the reason why Dogme 95 insist on the quality and setting of the film. Production process should not cost much and special effects are not essential in the process.

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In the current industry film distribution is based on supply whereby it is supply-lead which shouldn’t be the case. It is evident the cinema culture has changed since the film industry is disorganized than ever before and the path is not good. Its future is at stake as the industry is likely to do down any time soon if quick measures are not put in place to restore its glory and reputation that has been ruined by digital technology. References MacKenzie, Scott, 2016, 'Films into Uniform: Dogme 95 and the Last New Wave', in Hjort, Mette and Lindqvist, Ursula (eds), A Companion to Nordic Cinema, London: Wiley Blackwell, pp. Hjort, M. and Mackenzie, S. (eds). Purity and Provocation: Dogma 95. Stevenson, J. Dogme Uncut: Lars von Trier, Thomas Vinterberg, and the Gang that Took on Hollywood.

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