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It is pointless to have a digital marketing program for analog products as customers are likely to prefer products and services that satisfy their current needs. The academic literature outlines that finding the most appropriate solution to digital transformation involves finding the most appropriate definition of digital transformation, organizing strategies to help cub the digital transformation problems and explaining to the shareholders on the importance of taking certain marketing actions to improve the performance of the company. The research would take a qualitative approach and would include questionnaires and surveys in the collection of important information. The research would ensure that it does not interfere with the ethical rights of any of the participants. Background Marketers have placed digital transformation as their major meeting agenda for the past few years.

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However, it is really hard to find the most appropriate information on how the marketers can solve the problems that they are facing during their marketing procedures (Karjaluoto et al. The three major problems that the marketers face due to digital transformation include defining the digital transformation, devising the most appropriate digital transformation strategy and engaging the stakeholders on getting the appropriate solutions to problems that come with digital marketing. To most marketers, digital transformations might have different definitions depending on who one asks and the context that an individual is asked (Karjaluoto et al. Some define digital transformations as the strategies that need to be included by marketers in advertisements to be able to attract a larger group of customers.

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Some think that it includes digital transformations of the products presented to the customers to ensure that it meets the current day standards of the technological advancements (Hansen & Sia 2015). For instance, customer attraction might at first involve alteration of the advertisement strategies. However, retention of the customers, in the long run, might require alteration of the quality of the products offered to meet the digital requirements (Shankar et al. The long-term goals require being in line with the vision and mission of the organization and might involve the input of various groups of shareholders. Though the demands of digital transformation are relatively high, the shareholders still find it difficult to get along with its demands (Erevelles et al. It has been noted that the shareholders are slow to react to the required changes, they hardly agree on the objectives focused at ensuring that there is change and are not willing to provide enough resources for the digital transformation (Charlesworth, 2018).

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Data collection The data would be collected through focused group discussions, interviews, surveys, and questionnaires. Some of the information would also be gathered from the potential customers on how they feel on the competence of the organization concerning information technology. Analysis of results The obtained results would be evaluated using various software including excel and SPSS where necessary. The outcome of the result would help in validating the authenticity of the previous research results basing on numbers. Ethical considerations Whenever researches are conducted, it is important to ensure that the participant’s rights are not infringed. The research is only interested in knowing whether the participant has a connection to Fillin company but hide their identity. References Charlesworth, A. Digital marketing: A practical approach.

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