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According to Monroe, Garrett, and Bertram, those who believe in free will are aware that there are external and internal forces nevertheless they uphold that individuals are free to decide on their behavior (193). Conversely, persons who are determined asserts that behavior is influenced by internal and outside factors acting on the human being. These paper seek to argue that people do not have free will hence it is just an illusion. Determinism shows that everything that happens in humanity be it decisions or feelings or actions are as a result of the magnitudes of statuses of dealings (Monroe, Garrett and Bertram 197). Consequentially, we cannot afford to be sovereign in engagements that we partake. At times human beings are compelled to make choices and only obtain perceptions which are enforced upon by the situations.

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Those conditions might be the direct outcome of earlier choices or can greatly be chosen by luck. I believe that individuals are free to have decisions that form their lives; however, these choices are linked with society and subsequently, person’s behavior may have an impact on others regardless of the insignificance of the action. Thus, the way one behave is swayed by freedom to make decisions, but when placed to mind, the choices are more influenced by prevailing surroundings and by environment. With regard to Immanuel Kant’s view on free will, people must accept that they are free, “otherwise morality cannot exist” (Monroe, Garrett, and Bertram 196). This is explained by the several methods that several situations that establish ethical grounds function is geared towards creating drives that render a certain set of conducts customary.

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By this the point is that ethical behaviors are aroused by the traits of the agents. Likewise, a good number of individuals have reached a point that they believe that everything that happens to them or whichever conditions they are faced with had been prearranged for them. Such individuals fall under the group of Christian believers. They always perceive any situation that they face as God’s plan on them. If we could be having control then we could have been able to fail to notice pain inflicted in our bodies. It is true that people need to inhibit both wishes and instincts. Nevertheless, they must look for methods of satisfying such desires only from the rules. People have the ability to anticipate future events but still when they do that they do not fail to consider the consequences (Chan, Max, and Shaun 34).

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It is therefore with no doubt that there is no free will in our lives. If there was any free will then man could have been able to choose where, when and how to die but being that nobody can do that for himself, I believe that we live for God and not for ourselves. Besides, we are not even in a position to choose when, where and how to be born or even by whom are we to be born (Woods 56). I understand that through partial reading of Bible one can say that there if free will. For example in Proverbs 16:9, the initial section of the verse read, “The heart of man plans his way. ” Up to that extent it is clear that there is free will but the problem comes in the second part that reads, “but the Lord establishes his steps.

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