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It is also worth noting that those who practice evil live a good life here on earth than those whose trust is in the Lord. Therefore, the below arguments arise about the origin and existence of evil in the world. Some argue that God is not powerful enough to stop any wrongdoings around the world, therefore, coming to a conclusion that He is an evil god (Phillips 158). Others argue that there is a parallel superpower which competes with God to fight the goodwill among the Christians and bring evil and sufferings in the world. They, therefore, conclude that it is either god himself is a bad God or He is not that powerful to fight evil if at all He means good to the world.

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Therefore, when the devil seduced Eve and insisted to eat the forbidden fruit arguing that she will become as clever as God who is all knowing, she becomes selfish and took it without thinking of the consequences to follow (Paterson 72). She then took some of the fruit and took them to Adam as a gift and immediately Adam ate the fruit, they came to realize that they were naked and it was evil to be naked. They were cursed by God which is the origin of all sufferings and pain that man faced from that moment. It was through their greed that and selfish nature that they brought sin and evil to the world. ii. Man, on the other hand, is sinful from the moment he/she is born.

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Sadly, some individuals chose to follow the evil ways instead of following the ways of the Lord. Therefore, God uses physical evil such as earthquakes, floods, pain, illness, and others to punish the man or the nation and make them repent their sins (Davis 378). It is a way that God uses to bring closer the relationship between him and man so that after repentance, man can once again enjoy the benefits that God had prepared for him from the day he was created. Some of these physical evils, however, are as a result of the curse that man was given by God that if he does not sweat he will not eat (Davis 378). This is because we find that most of the people who follow the evil ways live a good life when compared to those who chose to follow the good ways (Slovenko 379).

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This is a very disturbing issue to the Christ followers and they tend to doubt the existence of God if really He meant good to the Man and mostly to those who follow His commands. Another instance which brings doubt is the existence suffering to newborn children or to those who do not know what is good and evil. However, the answer to all these questions is that our thoughts and ways are not the same as those of God. In the Bible, God declares that just as heavens are higher than the earth, so are the ways that His thoughts and ways are higher than us (Boyd 3). If in any case an individual falls for the devil ways and he is practicing evil ways, then he should seek God who will deliver Him from those evil ways.

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