Must Sex Involve Commitment

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Sex between people of opposite gender is the most common form of sex either for pleasure or for procreation All human beings are sexual beings whether they engage in sex or not. Human beings have a biological gender that we develop a sexual identity that is integrated to that gender. In regards to the desire on the nature of sex, a person who desires another one for sexual intercourse objectifies on the other person either before or during sexual intercourse activity. The sexual desire by one person towards the other tends to make us view him or her merely as one thing. There are certain types of mild perceptions required prior to engaging in sexual activity with another person. For instance, they both agree that sexuality within a loving and committed relationship can help to increase and deepen the relationship.

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However, Punzo thinks differently in terms of sex outside a committed relationship. He reiterates that sex outside the committed relationship is bad since sex is a sacred concept that people should not perform when they are not married. It is an intimate relationship between the two people of opposite sex through mutual agreement. Goldman in his argument says sexual activity should not be taken seriously because it is merely an act similar to other social interactions between people. In addition, Punzo laments on the decreasing value of sex, arguing that advertising has decreased the value of sex as people now view sex as a normal activity. For example, people do engage in sex for money hence commercializing it. This situation according to Punzo damages the moralities of many people within the society.

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The evidence of this is seen from the number of divorces experienced today in the society. Punzo supports commitment before sex arguing that “a total commitment to another means a commitment to him in his historical existence. He argues that the tenet of marriage is a commitment, and people can constitute their marriage when they have fully committed to each other. According to Punzo, a commitment, which culminates into marriage, is total and absolute commitment. He argues “the commitment that constitutes a marriage is a total commitment of one person to another person of the opposite sex. ” Punzo supported the public expression of land arguing that “the public expression of this commitment makes it more fully and not explicitly a part of a couples loves and of the world in which they live.

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” On the other hand, Goldman in his argument finds love as more a superior act than sex. The arguments made by these two authors possess both strengths and weaknesses in their assertion. Goldman’s arguments have a particular weakness, especially with his mean’s end analysis. Goldman plays down the aspect of sex believing that it is not meant to the end. He trivializes sex by defining it in terms of the desire of physical contact which is a narrow argument. Importantly, Goldman overemphasizes on a person’s desire for sex, which may not be the case for people to engage in sexual activity. Ideally, as Punzo noted the act of sex should be involving both parties, and this starts from committed work put in building such relationship.

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