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In this field, there is the examination and comparison of the classical thought of things and behavioral standards and their relationship with the modern thought. Philosophy often tends to make an explanation of certain principles and conditions meaningless unless factual statements rather than hypothetical statements are issued. Senses alone cannot give a clear explanation and hence critical thinking and problem analysis are critical components of philosophy. Philosophers tend to relate every aspect of life to bring a more detailed conclusion and inference. They link the necessity of a coherent test, theoretical and the practical framework of life laying a deeper emphasis on critical thinking. The ancient Greeks were the first to engage in the arguments and made a distinction between the religion and the philosophy.

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Though it was submerged by the Christian theology it has arisen again and managed to come up with argumentative answers to some of the tough questions in the society. Philosophy has been developing daily since the time the ancient Greeks introduced it as a branch of learning. It has been used to come up with relevant theories in different aspects of a human being such as the political scenes. It has been used to explain relevant political theories and also to explain matters beyond the minds comprehension. In page 6 of the Plato Euthyphro work Socrates one of the great philosophers is quoted saying, "But, as you say, people regard the same things, some as just and others as unjust,-about these they dispute; and so there arise wars and fighting's among them.

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" From the quote, Socrates made assertions that every person does what is right in their eyes. The difference comes in on what one person considers being evil and just in their eyes. The quote is one of the basic principles of philosophy for it asserts that each human being should be allowed to think independently. Philosophy is always against the influence of the society and the supreme beings. If this can happen, the evils of the society could be minimum since everyone will be happy and satisfied. If people forcefully do what is beneficial, they may sometimes have malicious intents to the benefactor and this could easily make them do what is wrong. If people embrace benefiting others as a duty, there will be no cases of selfless people living at the expense of others.

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This could possibly reduce the gap between the ruling class elites who seem more superior due to their financial status and the low-class persons. Benefiting others comes with a form of pride or self-worth which is a good feeling to live with even without considering morality. The pursuit of the truth in any matter increases the relevance and the importance of philosophy. Humans should also consider the application of independent truth as their main objective in their life. The application of truth should also be subjected to testing through argumentations and scrutiny of facts. "That thing or person which is dear to the gods is pious, and that thing or person which is hateful to the gods is impious. " Socrates in the Plato Euthyphro work page 5 reading makes the comment to show the selfishness that the gods are considered to have in relation to human beings.

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