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Such kind of abuse take several forms namely; emotional economic, physical, religious, sexual abuse and reproductive. As opposed to conventional opinion, domestic violence is a learned behavior and cannot be blamed on drug use, depression, anger or other common excuses. Statistics have established that women are subject to more severe forms of domestic violence as compared to men due to the patriarchal nature of our society. Domestic violence thrives in an environment where the abuser believe they are unlikely to face any consequence of their actions. It often generates cycles of abuse amongst the victims who may come to condone such abuse. The victims, having accepted to shoulder the burden of dehumanization do not report this cases to the relevant authorities.

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The abuser wields a considerable amount of power over them and continues to pile more misery without a shred of remorse. Children that are exposed to such absurdities at tender ages may develop psychological defects such as the Battered Child syndrome which denies them the chance of an ordinary adulthood. Many victims of this form of emotional stress resort to alcohol and drug abuse which destroys their lives further. Sexual Abuse Refers to any form of coercion into a sexual act against their will, case of infringement on a person’s sexuality take several forms in modern cultures. It also involves unfair family practices such as changing wills selling property entitled to another family member. A perpetrator’s motive is to ensure that the other partner depends on them financial so that they can continue wielding more control and power.

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Demographics Despite the current debate on relationship between domestic violence, research has established that women generally suffer more than men. It has been found that the prevalence for violence was equal for both men and women, however the difference is the degree of violence inflicted. Whereas women were found to slap or throw objects more often, men dished out heavy beating and sometime s even chocked their partners. Several countries have outlawed corporal punishment by parents on their children. Factors Influencing Domestic Violence Social views; the social view on domestic violence varies from place to place and is often misunderstood outside the West. In several countries the wife is required to be subordinate to the husband, they are not considered equals.

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In such countries violent acts against a wife is justified and the culprits often go unpunished (Garcia-Moreno et al, 133). In conservative cultures, even a mode of dressing deemed to lack decency may cause serious punishment at the hands of the husband or family. When a culture belittles women in some way, the marriages are characterized by the same disrespectful attitude which catalyzes more domestic violence against women Emerging Issues Recent studies show that women involve in Intimate Partner Violence are at a higher risk of contracting HIV/AIDS because they cannot negotiate with their partners for safer sexual practices and are often raped by their partners Domestic violence is the least underreported of all social crimes even in in developed countries with well-oiled judicial machinery ( Elsberg et al 231).

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