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Looking at Donald’s current sales in his current stationary shops in France will be important so as to compare it with the markets in Germany. The thesis question that the research is aimed at answering is: will Donald make benefit from expanding his business to international markets? 2 analysis 2. 1 An overview of the market in Germany. The market for the stationaries in Germany has been witnessed growing steadily over the years. However, the recent improvement in technology and the adoption of the digital ways of doing things has been a big challenge to the growth of the stationary market. Annual spending per capita is the amount of average amount of money that each person in a country spends on writing and drawing material.

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The per capita is obtained by dividing the total amount of money in a country spent on buying stationary divided by the total population. Switzerland has the highest amount of money spend on stationary than any other country in Europe every person spending an average of $35. 5 every year to buy such products. I can advise Donald to expand his business to Germany because the annual spending on drawing material is higher than that of France. The sales improved in the year 2016 to 182 000 dollars, an increase of $ 17000 comparing with the 2015 total sales. The sales then reduced slightly by $ 5000 in 2017 due to may be reduction of customers. The total sales for the three years is $525 000. The variation of the sales volume between t2016 and 2017 is shown in the pie chart below.

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The graph has the percentage sales for all the stationary for the two years. International standards estimate the business customer satisfaction and the customer service. On my own view, the business has reached the international standard because it understands the problems that the customers face and also always meets their customer requirements. Also, the business leadership has satisfied the international standards organization requirement through ensuring that their employees are empowered and equipped. They recognize their employees’ contributions through promoting those employees who are hardworking and committed to their jobs. Also, the company makes their decisions based on evidence not just making a theoretical decision as required by the international standards board. When he decides to pay his loan whereby the interest is calculated every month.

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Therefore the amount payable every month will be M= p* Where p = 200 000 and APR = 6. 5 yearly = 200 000* = $20 000 per year So the monthly fee is 20000 divide by 12 = $ 1666. 70 The real cost that Donald is likely to use while building the new working place is the 200 000 dollars plus the amount that he will pay as the interest within those next 30 years. The real amount is therefore $ 1755. The mean from the selected days was $ 230 and the standard deviation is $ 43. the number of accounts selected was $ 40. To find whether the evidence supports the argument, we first calculate Z as follows. Z= = Z1. 4495, using the z normal probability distribution table Therefore the probability that the expected mean is supported by the evidence = (0. Donald’s business takes care of the customers as we are told that when a product is not available in the business, a customer orders it and he/she is assured delivery within 8 hours.

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This is a good move as the customers feel that they are taken care of. Also, Donald’s business is trusted by customers due to their loyalty. To ensure a high level of customer satisfaction, Donald uses questionnaires so as to get the views of the customers about the services they over. The following section of a excel presentation shows some of the responses of the customers in the questionnaires rating done from one to four. He has also written too many negative questions in the questionnaire which should also be avoided. 3 conclusion. Donald has a very good idea of expanding his business because he will be in a position to increase the sales volume per day, the size of the market and due to this reason, he will be able to increase the overall profitability of the business.

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