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Moreover, the study would investigate enhance the best through using the advanced level technology. Background Information and Rationale Many successful social entrepreneurs have been existing in the market even the concept of social entrepreneurship is new in the field of business. The introduction of Altruism in business has promoted the emergence of various business opportunities especially for those who have efficient skills of entrepreneurship for the improvement of the economic status of our states. For example, Muhammad Yunus, the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006, invented the technique of making the revolutionary products and services that improved the standard of living of humankind (Dehue, Völlink, Gunther, & Jacobs, 2018, p. Unlike the non-profit organizations that depend on the donations and subsidies from the government, social enterprises are essential because they are self-sufficient and sustainable.

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" However, we should realize that CSR and social enterprises are essentially not exclusive because they are both needed to facilitate the growth of our societies. This is because if we can define CSR as the business contribution, which would enhance the sustainable developments then social entrepreneurship is the contribution of individual entrepreneur towards the sustainable developments in the society. Due to such complications, the highest number of people is still facing challenges in understanding the relationship between entrepreneurship and social activities. Therefore, the situation attracts the attention of various scholars for research. This is because most of the universities’ teaching staffs are confused and cannot effectively identify the best person to teach the subject in the colleges. The senior management officials of the identified enterprises would be interviewed by the researcher.

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In other cases, the author would use surveys and questionnaires to gather the information. The researcher also targets to explicitly investigate the use of the affordable tools of information technology in the various stages of the life cycle of social entrepreneurship. Furthermore, the author would analyze several categories of various business enterprises and deduce the most effective sets of established ethical practices in business. Based on such intentions, the author would provide discussions on the findings according to the background information, the ideas in the industries and other types of business activities. The identification of a stable and inherently unjust position of equilibrium, which results to marginalization, exclusion, and the emergence of challenges to a specific group of humanity that possess neither the financial capacity nor the political influence acquires various transformative advantages on its own.

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Offering a challenge to the stable states’ hegemony through the identification of various opportunities in the unjust equilibrium, drafting and developing a proposition with social values and facilitating inspiration, direct action, creativity, courage and fortitude in the society. Introducing a new state of stable equilibrium that would promote the release of trapped entrepreneurial potentials or enhance the challenges of the targeted group. this would also involve the establishment of a stable ecosystem of the new equilibrium which would improve the status of the targeted group On the other hand, social entrepreneurship has comprised of the elements of both the profit-oriented and non-profit-oriented businesses. However, social entrepreneurship is a new concept in business. This would improve the living standards of the people in such nations.

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Moreover, the non-profit-oriented organizations are also using the technological changes to help in the eradication of the various problems affecting the society (Ogbolu, Singh, & Wilbon, 2013, p. For example, the current technological advancements such as the open source projects and the web 2. 0 phenomenon have been used to democratize the concept of innovation through fostering the connection of various people on the global level. Consequently, the available literature review of Social entrepreneurship would highlight the effective role of technology in solving the challenges that are affecting the society. On the other hand, social entrepreneurs are creative, therefore; they use their creative skills to establish their roles in the world of business to transform the society. For instance, the innovations of Sam Walton transformed the face of retail shopping in the world.

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Consequently, such innovations are critically necessary to handle some of the challenges that are affecting the society. Furthermore, social entrepreneurs improve the world economic status through the creation of jobs to the public (Thorat, 2018, p. For instance, the emergence of various non-profit and profit organizations has led to increasing the employment opportunities for the citizens in such countries. Similarly, the social entrepreneurs would require the emotional intelligence to foster such awareness. In my opinion, I believe that shifting the objective from profit to impact is not a bad idea since the primary task is to influence and convince people about the significance of social entrepreneurship. Based on such approaches, the members of the society would begin to shift their attention slowly towards accepting the concept of social entrepreneurship (Thorat, 2018, p.

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