Success Rate in High Tech Startups Analysis

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Productivity dynamics is essential in understanding the traits of Palestine country given improving effective productivity rates. The research topic is narrowed on the success rate in high-tech startups companies in developing countries focusing on Palestine as a country. The research addresses the concern of groundswell in the technological advancement as a challenge to the stability of the desired company operations. The success of any nation's economy relies on the technical improvement in function of industries and manufacturing skills. The early stages of economy considered in this proposal are the technological review of the in-depth analysis of unique perspectives. An analysis of economic growth is measured through the employment distribution, policy implementation, financial inclusion, and productivity levels. A review of the high-tech startup's companies addresses the transformational steps which aim at creating large, vibrant business beyond the meeting the desires and the demands of people for income.

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From this paper, the problem for the research looks at the success of companies in developing nations. The analysis seeks to provide the input of entrepreneurs with the right skills rapidly increasing the number of investors and private business within the Palestinian economy (Jee, Sang Hoon, Ju-Ho Lee, and Ho-Young 345). This proposal will major in the areas of expansion of the company operations focusing on the possible steps in driving factors like the desire for employment, industrialization, urbanization, and increase in trade among others. Taking advantage of available policies created by the social technologies and cultural changes affect the Palestinian company dynamics. The industrial expansion contributes majorly on the stages focusing on the new opportunities for new chances of potential development.

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Market economy develops and expands every day in the society depending on the social dynamics triggering economic growth in the organization (Crespi, Francesco, and Francesco Quatraro 88). The corporate opportunities in the market are the stages that assist in ensuring the organizational development and expansion of the available companies within the economy. Sociological or Anthropological Theories The sociological theories center on the entrepreneurship and conditions of various social contexts that enable the opportunities within the technological leverage. Ready capital allows the venturing of the industry into any opportunities providing chances of attaining the desired market standards and product quality to the economy. The existing types of resources companies identify the existing social networks and the information necessary to provide a human ability to the efforts of targeted production.

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Resources available are essential to the success of any organization within the society. Mixed operation skills work towards the achievement of the organizational performance thus assist in replacing the existing economic failures in the market. The research issues are in the assessment of investigation of success rate in high-tech startups companies in evolving countries which is essential in understanding the technological impact of development to the success of the companies within the economy. What are the common factors promoting the company success? A Hypothesis of the Study Most of the high-tech startup's companies in Palestine have embraced the technological aspects in all the elements of the society. Why do most industries in developing countries collapse after few years of their operation? The industrial revolution has a most significant impact on the success of various companies in Palestine.

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METHODOLOGY Quantities and Qualitative Data Collection Methods The data collection methods rely randomly on the sampled structure applicable in this study. The proposal paper would apply qualitative data collection methods. The technique is indiscriminately applied through sampling and structured data collection instruments. The sample biased extent helps in gathering the information through the inferences. Questionnaires The paper will look at the large numbers of people and saves the researcher time on money. People are more responsible for addressing inquiries regarding controversial issues in particular facts and anonymity. The growing inevitable growing methodology is the use of internet in research. This research paper would present the questionnaires the detailed information applied in identifying the area of concern. The first step for to analysis relies on the availability of information and access to the places or sites of company operation to extract relevant information.

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