Dreamers in the United States

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Below are important facts why I find it important that Dreamers should be given a chance to reside in the United States. Inhumane may be portrayed if the authorities think of deporting an adult having been bought up since they were kids in the states. It would not be fair for such a person to be deported this would be like attending classes for four years, sitting for all exams and not be given a certificate after completing the four-year cause (Gallo, 2014). Therefore dreamers have a right to live in the United States since they grew up knowing that's their country. It is important for the Dreamers since in case of a deportation they would lose their families some would be forced to drop out from school others would resign their jobs also leaving their spouses behind and a lot of damage would be caused in their life (Nicholas & Tara, 2014).

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This will increase the availability of highly qualified employees in America. They will also try and be unique by applying different skill thus working hard to achieve their goals since workers will be in high demand. By doing this they will boost the revenues of the state in general (Schmalzbauer, 2005). Dreamers should be allowed to stay since they had no other choice but only to come and seek security in this country. They were brought as children and they were seeking a place to shelter. This has helped the dreamers to be in a position to settle stably where they have purchased big cars and build big houses and also paying federal with billions of cash similarly to paying taxes. Therefore by deporting these dreamers, it would withdraw all this big contribution to the economic growth of the country.

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It would cost half of the country's economy or even more since the country would start hiring and training other employees (Schmalzbauer, 2005). Dreamers come with creative ideas and energy that are useful to the development of the country. The country depends on this skill to implement its developments. Caretakers of these dreamers have already invested in their education in the elementary and higher levels, therefore, America as a state requires a return from this student by them utilizing their education to give back to the economy of the country. It is therefore important to allow the dreamers to stay in the United States since they are globally preparing the state (Hing, 1998). Innovative mind and knowledge that is distributable is a requirement in the current world for a state to have a stable and sound economy that can cater for the needs of its people and also the rest of the world.

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In the coming years education will be very important in the development of a state in case of deportation of the Dreamers the country will be at the verge of losing very important people and its economy will deteriorate with a very big percentage thus it will be very hard to rebuild it back to the position it is at the moment (Schmalzbauer, 2005). Also, deporting dreamers would be a sign of betrayal. In the above discussion, it is evident that it would be wrong to deport the Dreamers from the United States has brought all that income to the economy and also many advantages that without them the state would not achieve. I would, therefore, urge the Americans to allow the dreamers to stay in their country since they are adding much value than when they would be deported back to their country.

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