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Surveyors can also use them for mapping, others for intelligence and they can also be used for dangerous missions and helpful ones such as rescue mission in affected areas also for supplying certain products etc. In the United States, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is a mode of operation that manages transport in the US. And drones are among the type of small aircraft s they manage. EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) manages the European nation’s transportation, especially for aircraft and drones, are part of their job. Legal aspects are necessary to ensure that drones are not used anyhow and anywhere because some of the countries are not even in agreement with the free-drone laws hence restrictions and certain laws have been put in place to prevent this (Smith, 2015).

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Because of the statutes in France, drone users are required to undergo through certain special training as well as they should register their drones with the FAA. In Germany, the drones are subject to rules of aviation and commercial laws as well as IP, data protection and regulation governing radio spectrum. They also have no-flying zones that include the airport, military bases and industrial facilities that are more sensitive. Italy has the same laws that govern its drones just like Germany to a better extent. The UK in 2018 passed the law that makes it compulsory to register all drones weighing more than 250g as well as their users provided they operate in UK airspace. You will also be fined and possibly imprisoned for flying in areas restricted, not putting on the necessary marks on the drone.

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Supreme Court of Sweden will decide if using cameras will also include using it for surveillance (Wuschka, 2011) Legal treaties United States- Compared to other weapons, mentioning of drones was not mentioned specifically especially in weapon treaties as well as other legal instruments that govern humanity international regulations. However, using systems of weapons such as armed drones in situations that involve one being armed shows directly one is subjected to these humanitarian laws. The treaty holds that they must take all precautions to not harm any civilians and infrastructure and should cancel any harmful attacks especially on civilians and their objects. Europe- there’s sharing of duties and responsibilities between EU and its member's states which act as a treaty to enable necessary flexibilities such as member states will be able to define certain zones that restrict access of certain parts of their airspace.

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the federal administrative aviation this kind of steps are geared towards being ready for such instances as terrorism for instance where these devices may be used to conceal explosive devices, they have set up designated first responder who is trained to open the device to establish the device is unarmed and identify its registration number. In this direction, the U. S has set up laws requiring that those operating drones should register various types of drone classes with the FAA where they have to be marked with the owner's ID number. This law had faced some challenges in the past eras but when Trump got into office signed it into law. This rule has been viewed as one with urgency and was first published as a preview in the federal register and citizen given just 30 days for their comment period.

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This type of law arose from the desire by civilized nations to avert excessive suffering as well as destruction but in the same spirit not hindering the spirit of war. More so the modern LOAC has more of humanitarian interest at heart. As a great part of the international law, the law is mandated with regulating the army hostility conduct but just for the consenting countries. Its other mandate is to protect prisoners of war, civilians, wounded sick as well as the shipwrecked. LOAC is mandated among other things with the regulations of the types of weapons used in war as well as the tactics employed in a certain war battle (Dill, 2015). Currently, the LOAC principles govern weapon choice and restrict usage of certain weapons.

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Customary HIL Rule 71 which is applicable to both international and customary conflicts prohibits the use of weapons which are indiscriminate in nature. The inclusion of these laws in the international as well, customary law can be traced back to the treaties and customary laws that were declared in the declaration of ST. Petersburg ass the first formal agreement which prohibited certain weapons from being used in war. These weapons included those which were indiscriminate or weapon which caused unnecessary suffering. References Dill, J. The informal regulation of drones and the formal legal regulation of war. Ethics & International Affairs, 29(1), 51-58. Jones, T. International commercial drone regulation and drone delivery services (No. D. Principles of international law (p. Thomson West. Smith, K. W.

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