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At the beginning of the year, there was a high rise in a home or house selling which was at an annual rate of 5. 79 million. Despite having bad news about the housing market, economist still could not agree how dangerous it was to the economy which is one of the causes to the financial crises. Assumptions that house prices would not fall much and even if they fell at a great value, owners would not sell them at loss. This was the major to the house selling being a contributor to the crises of the economy. High oil prices were one of the contributors to the financial crises. Oil-producing republics began to accrue huge reserves of petrodollars which were secondhand back to the US financial system.

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The situation led to pressure within banks and other monetary organizations to put more money in work thus increasing the subprime mortgages. Economic crises did not only affect the United State, but it also spreads spread to other countries turning out to be an international economic crisis. The unseen global economic crises ended up causing a great depression. Public spending was one of the ways of solving the problem which was a way that was also adopted by the French government. Japan and China also suffered indirect blows that were linked to export-oriented industries that were suffering from purchaser economizing in the United State and Europe. Since the global financial crises, the recovery has been slow due to a permanent decline in GDP as well as the rate at which the economy recovers at; Estimating long term production losses from the crisis nearly to none from Germany to almost 20% in Italy and Spain.

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Some of the factors that are behind the slow growth rate in the economy are such as; vulnerability of the economy financial crises and other negative shocks (Polyakova, 2016). There was also a trend of growth that has been going down before the crisis. This made the Federal Reserve purchase financial assets such as treasury and mortgages that were to back up some securities that would increase the money supply as a result of lowering long-term interest rates. The great economic fall still has effects on the current economic status globally. The GDP dropped many times in the year 2009. Some of the countries that are affected include the US at 2. 6%, the UK at 4. On November 2018, the company announced it expanding outside the Kingdom.

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Its first spot is Bahrain International Airport. The company announced through its official accounts that it has already signed a deal with oriental Yields Company to launch Al Baik at the airport. Oriental Yields Company, owned by Tamimi Holding, had earlier contracted a memo of indulgent with Al Baik Food Systems Company to license the chain. The move that the company has made can be linked to what Saudi Arabia is intending to achieving by 2030 which to have its companies is extended internationally. Some of the areas that are identified using the method include the sales channels, locations, as well as revenue and growth that are linked to the competitors. Through analyzing all these factors, I will be able to come with a credible conclusion on the market potential of the company.

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The number that comes after the conclusion should be the addressable market size and realistic such that it gives facts about the company potential. The market size of the business will be expanded as the company will now be expanding to a larger level of working. I would check how the company is trying to utilize the chance and it is managing the new areas of operation. Also, I would consider if the company has online channels (Gupta, 2017). The reason being they help the clients to know the type of meals that are offered by the company without having to come to the place or location of the company to inquire. Also, one can be able to order or access the available meals at the moment which shows the company development and readiness to attract more market.

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