Effect of Obesity on Breast Cancer

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The topic for this dissertation process would be obesity effects on cancer of the breast. A premise for this dissertation would be developed, followed by prospectus of the dissertation, and the dissertation proposal, and the relationship between each of the steps will be described. Premise A premise refers to a precise document conveying the primary investigation into a topic of research (Walden University, 2012). The premise is very important in that, it identifies the preliminary topic, and helps identify members of the faculty who will facilitate dissertation prospectus development. The premise’s main purpose would be to narrow the dissertation topic, which is obesity effects on cancer of the breast, such that a general sense of research direction is provided. In the remaining quarter before commencing the dissertation prospectus, the premise having the relevant details relating to the diabetes effects on cancer of the breast, is submitted to the member of the faculty who should be the chair of supervisory committee.

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One of the main roles of dissertation premise is to help the student form the supervisory committee, which is a key feature of education for doctorate students. This committee provides the student with support and guidance that are needed to undertake the research project that is of high quality and of relevant details. In most cases, this committee is composed of the chair, a member, a research reviewer, or additionally, an external member who has special expertise on the dissertation process and project development. Prospectus Prospectus refers to a paradoxical writing that differs from an abstract or an introductory chapter, for the case of dissertation (OSU. Since the topic has been generated, defining it and communicating it is very important. The writer of dissertation is required display prospectus drafts to the dissertation committee and relevant members of the faculty.

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After this process, the dissertation writer is required to submit the final prospectus version for formal committee approval. This is followed by a meeting of the committee and the candidate to discuss the project implementation. There is no specific way of writing a prospectus but all the candidates required to do their final project should answer certain essential questions to the optimum of their capability. A fully completed dissertation document should be not more than 300 pages, and not less than 200 pages long. Once the prospectus has been drafted and reviewed by the committee of dissertation, allow someone who has no knowledge on obesity and breast cancer to read and analyze the problem and method that is workable. The writing of a dissertation should be logical, unambiguous and clear.

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Prospectuses should not be general, neither should they be too technical (OSU. edu, 2018) about obesity and breast cancer. Committee review of the dissertation proposal should clarify the project framework by reviewing the proposal drafts along with preliminary draft (Thomas, 2009). This takes at most 14 days. After the committee is satisfied about the specifications required of the proposal, the chair of the committee authorizes the student to forward the proposal together with the draft IRB to the rest of the members of the committee for review. This is followed by a review of plagiarism and self-evaluation, and revisions where necessary. After this, the chair forwards the proposal, and abstract together with each member’s rubric for minimum standards of dissertation, and a formal copy of report of Turnitin to the official URR.

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