Effects of Global Climate Change

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Carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases trap heat within the atmosphere. The major repercussion of this rise in temperature is the change in weather patterns; changes in weather patterns means severe droughts, rising of ocean levels due to the melting of ice from the North Pole and South Pole. Erratic rain patterns is known to affect the planting of crops especially in Africa where farmers depend on rain fed agriculture. Industrialized Countries such as the U. S China Germany and Japan account for the most pollution yet third world countries bear the blunt of this effect. It is yet to be known if China has started reducing its reliance on coal (Friedman, L 2017). As of 2015, China emits as twice as much carbon dioxide as the U.

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S. China leads in greenhouse gas emissions followed by the United States. India is next followed by Russia then Japan. Despite President Trump withdrawing from the Paris agreement, some states in the U. S have vowed to continue with this agreement; California and New York governors pledged their continued support to the Paris agreement. However, the pledged by these governors is not enough to enable the US meet its quotas, since some states with heavy industries that emit lots of greenhouse gases are not part of the agreement. Meanwhile, France and Germany have reclaimed their positions as key proponents of the Paris agreement (Friedman, L 2017). The most vulnerable countries to climate change include African States such as Chad, India and most Pacific Islands.

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