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Electro More is a small-sized sales company manufacturing accessories and small motors for home and industrial product. Electro More emphasis is on innovation, growth, and development of new products. Since the industry is competitive, Electro More follows a prospective strategy in taking advantage of new products and markets. The company headquarters is in Southern Town with a population of 28,000, and a 3. 1% employment rate. Electro More’s HR department will do this by being a strategic partner in the company, being a change agent, being employees’ champion, and fulfilling crucial administrative roles. Since HR department recognizes human capital, Electro More’s HR department will put its employees first. Kozlowski et al. (2015) argue that the functions of various HR team structures are related.

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Electro More's units would be carefully designed regarding since it is small sized. Job Titles Human resource director, human resource manager, employment director. Responsibilities/Roles Responsibilities of an HR director include; • Recruiting and interviewing. This is aimed at identifying appropriate staff vacancies at Electro More and selecting suitable candidates for those positions. • As a typically skilled HR manager, a promotion of healthy relationships between Electro More's staff and management via handling labor disputes, mediation, and guiding department managers will be a priority. • Conducting employee orientation and training because Electro More is a small-sized organization with limited employees. The five-step recruitment plan of Electro More includes preparing an effective description of the job, using the appropriate recruitment tool such as social media, doing the first screening using standardized testing, interviewing the best candidates, and offering a job to the right candidate.

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Job Titles Recruitment manager, director of talent, director of recruiting and employment, staffing manager, employment manager, recruitment specialist, staffing specialist, or recruitment coordinator. Responsibilities/Roles • Job designing and development. This involves Electro More’s recruitment staff identifying the role of the recruit, experience, and qualification necessary for the task. After identification, the staff will develop a formal description of the job and set a basic pay scale. It is possible Electro More will have a pool of qualified applicants. The role of the staff at this point is taking the candidates who score well in aptitude tests for further interviewing. It is at this level that the right applicant is chosen. • Evaluation and hiring. The staff presents the qualified candidates to the manager for hiring.

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Electro More's training specialists to facilitate the agendas of the organization through the provisioned product developing information. • Provision of necessary skills to employees. Electro More's training specialists equip the employees with necessary skills and knowledge for taking up supervisory roles. • Monitoring, evaluation, and reporting. The training administrator’s role is monitoring the progress of the trainees, developing and effecting an implementation plan, and reporting the evaluations to the human resource director. Thus, too much payment should be avoided. • Conducting job evaluations and analysis in determining job specifications, responsibilities and pay grades. • Calculating the level of packages and benefits to be offered to employees, and at the same time maintaining the image of Electro More’s brand. • Electro More’s HR analysts would be required to administer the health plans, such as Preferred Provider Organization.

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• Consulting the employees and management on performance standards and goals, thus Electro More’s HR analysts would be required to support innovations programs of the company. Health specialist should do this through the conduction of periodic inspections. • Health specialists would work to ensure that all personal and environmental safety are followed to prevent the unfortunate closure of the Electro More company. Again, health specialist should be able to offer emergency safety to employees. • Electro More’s industrial nurses would conduct wellness and health training. Electro More produces home products, thus need for constant industrial awareness. • Producing and distributing HR publications • Industrial relations specialist would support outplacement and relocation services. • Electro More’s industrial complaints will be charged with the coordination of the editing, drafting, and implementing Electro More’s manufacturing industry procedures and policies.

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