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This, therefore, means that utility employees are made aware of the power outage sooner and with a great exactness of the location. In response to this, these employees are able to make power restoration with much swiftness. Majorly, the system provides information of the extent of outages in power and prioritizes efforts of restoration through calculation of the estimated times required for restoration, estimating the number of crews required for power restoration and manages the crews to ensure that it is done with much efficiency in terms of time. This paper delves into various academic literature about the subject for better understanding and mastery of the critical importance of this system. This system is emblematic of a complaints management system. In a study that was conducted to provide a detailed analysis of the ISO 10002 standard, the study acknowledged that no business would want to keep its customers unhappy and these customers may disseminate their negative experiences with the company or the organization in question (Susan & Satnislav, 2006).

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For this reason, it took cognizance of the importance that is attached to quick responses to problems that are related to service delivery and which could lead to aggravation of customers’ complaints. The study noted that customer complaints are outputs of doing business and hence called for a sophisticated and systemic approach to the handling of the same. It was found that resolution of individual complaints that is satisfactory has the ability to restore the confidence and satisfaction of customers and that customer feedback is useful in improving the mode of service delivery. According to a case of the electrical utility industry that was used in this study, it was found that customer satisfaction of utmost importance. Secondly, maintaining and enhancing the market share in the tough economic market today, there is a need for a company to differentiate itself from the competition in the ambit of efficient handling of customer complaints and ensuring that there are no instances of quality delivery.

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Thirdly, a company must abide by the Act that protects consumers as this may reduce extreme case of litigations. Forth, with the rapid growth in membership of the Society for Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP) in the United States is indicative of the emphasis that has been placed on consumer satisfaction which can be driven by the effective handling of customers’ complaints (Gronroos, 1988). In the ambit of Electronic Communication Outage system, it is indispensable that a company develop a competitive factor through identification with a precision of locations experiencing outages and restoring power soonest possible. According to a study that was purposed at investigating how customers’ responses affect the customer’s image of the company, it was established that defensive marketing has been ignored for a long time.

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This study poised that due to the indispensable value of complaints from customers, it was important for any organization to utilize a robust Customer Complaints Management System or CCMS (Verónica & Francisco, 2005). The study came up with indicators that could be used in measuring the success of a CCMS. They include the time that is taken to respond to the complaints from customers, the number or the percentage of the total cases that are closed, and an evaluation of the service level. In a study that was aimed at examining the flow of information, both formally and informally with a complaint handling process in the attempt of identifying areas of improvement, it was found that everyone who was associated with the process was connected to it.

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