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This business report discusses in detail and compares codes of ethics of Google, Dell, Apple and Facebook relying on a short survey on people’s perceptions these companies as well as my own review and analysis of those codes. It will also detail whether these companies pay their fair share of taxes in Australia or not, as part of good practice that is expected of them. Survey on ethical standards of the four companies 10 people were randomly interviewed in Melbourne concerning their feelings on ethical standards of the listed companies. The results are as under: Company Average rating Apple 7. 2 Dell 6. It also strives to fix any problem for users by always responding to their concerns, or even complements. The policy also provides for merit-based employment and equality for opportunities in employment.

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Non-discrimination on the basis of legally defined characteristics is upheld. While Google’s policy on drugs and substance abuse emphasizes the consideration of health and wellbeing of its employees, it does not ban responsible drinking at the workplace. For harmony, a violence-free workplace is considered ethical, with no forms of harassment and bullying. The policy also provides that any workplace relationships at Apple must be reported to the human resource so as to avert any real or perceived conflict of interest that might arise. Apple also envisions a socially diverse workplace without any form of discrimination as established in law. The code also provides for the safe custody of personal information so as not to reveal it to unauthorized persons. Employees’ communication can also be monitored and through occasional surveillance of their machines to determine whether they are being used purposefully.

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Any response to enquiries from the press or speech to the public as well as the publishing of articles as an employee of Apple must be approved beforehand. Facebook also seeks to comply with laws on international trade, competition and anti-corruption. Employees are also under a duty according to the code to report any instances of its violations without fear or favor. Responsible financial reporting is only left in the hands of a few top employees. Comparison The shortest code of conduct in terms of length is Apple, with 16 pages while the longest is Dell with 59 pages. The most up-to-date code of conduct is the one for Google which was updated on 5th April 2018. This was allegedly used to influence the 2016 US Presidential race.

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Apple- is often accused of buying or stealing software and uses it as its own yet their elaborate code of ethics provides for the use of copyright protected material according to the provisions of intellectual property rights. Unfair Tax practices by these companies Apple and Google have been accused in the past of evading taxation by operating complicated tax structures which enables them to send their income to countries with lower taxation regimes or with no taxes at all such as Bermuda and Singapore. It was reported in 2015 for example that Apple made profits of up to 6. 1 billion in 2013-14. The appetite for larger profits must also be tamed. Governments also need to put in place stricter laws such as the one in Australia for these multinationals not to evade tax payment.

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