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Also, the distinction between the two types of customers (ordinary and fixed) who use the car park services makes it possible to achieve the effectiveness as well as create value for the customers. Manual processing of these services will fail in time and distinction which erodes efficiency. This is why there is the need for business information systems which accord the appropriate services to the customers as well as coordinate the internal corporate processes which administer the processes. Collins car park identifies the following stakeholders who are needed to be catered for in the systems development. There are the parking customers, the security agencies, and the accountants who monitor the issuance of tickets. There should be feedback between the management on the performance of the parking processes which are the main concern for the business (Aggarwal, 2016).

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This ensures that department is working towards the goals established by the management. Therefore, if the marketing department advertises secure parking, numerous available space and others, the operations department should be able to guarantees that they are security indeed and the space advertised is available. When the beacon shines that the parking is full, the customer care department should be able to communicate the unavailability of parking to prospective customers whom it had contacted earlier. This improves the value of information to the creation of value. The queries are more refined in this case and should provide more long-term oriented goals such as the shift of urban population with cars, the main reasons of parking as well as the innovative ways in which parking can be implemented.

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These systems should be integrated to ensure that volatile market conditions are tapped into when necessary. For instance, understanding the patterns would allow for effective scheduling of parking space but also inform on its expansion for long-term effects. The objects oriented systems designs, in this case, takes into consideration the problems identified by Collins car park. To reiterate, they include the handling of the two types of customers fixed and ordinary, processing overhead customer like the security agencies, quests and the employees. Planning is done to completions followed by analysis until the end of the phases. However, it can also be done iteratively where the processes overlap and can allow for adjustments along the way. The planning when it is advanced is carried concurrently with the analysis and this overlap allows for flexibility and changes where necessary.

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To look at planning, the systems should be developed around the problem is identified. This includes having the desired hardware in terms of computers, scanners, smart automatic car barriers as well as smart cards and tickets. The system used should enhance there are hardware and software compatibility with older systems available in the market or used previously by the business (Valacich et al. Also, the system should allow the economical use of space. In a parking business, space is crucial. Therefore much of it should be dedicated to parking rather than managing of processes. The barrier may be small without complicated systems and managed from a small office. For such a business integration of the systems in the business is crucial for its success.

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