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al. Also known as an enterprise or electronic data warehouse, it is used to report and analyze data helping drive out the agenda of business intelligence. Functioning and usage The agenda of any data warehouse architecture involves to extract informatics data from a critical system applying the minimal resources and transform the said data under specifications from the source to target and then loading the related data to the data warehouse, (Shahid, et. al. Under this, the formulation is that any data warehouse will apply the general provision of transferring and analyzing data to the preferred target through the given specifications and rules. Being a processor of the information, the application helps to weigh out the essential data as well as interpreting it for the decision making and hence contribute to strategically lay out the future appliances of the business in achieving its mandate.

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Tough and crucial decisions: Under the aspect of being able to lay out information from a critical component and subdivide it into other minor elements and systems of the organization, the data warehouse resonates to give a clear concise towards the making of the decision. It is through the laid out structures and classified minor aspects through which the information is shared and interpreted that the organization can make viable decision effecting the welfare of the organization and help improve the business processes. Search Engine Optimization The search engine optimization involves the process through which traffic data gets accessed from the free organic, editorial or even natural search results from the search engines available, (). It applies as the tool under which the identification of traffic data gets easily obtained following their index or titles, given the availability of other information under that scope.

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In simple provision, it involves the aspect of processing the information within a business transaction through collecting modifying as well as retrieving all the operations within that provision. Given the current element under which the world dynamics are changing, there has been a developed attitude and behavior for all businesses and organization to adapt to the changes and with which information is a crucial element. The procession of information within an organization for quick decision making is essential and which currently tends to get provided through the process of transactions. The transaction processing system is the current application by organization towards allowing easy monitoring, collection, and retrieval of information relevant to the operations of the business, (Al-tarawneh, 2015). It is a state under which every organization ought to provide and act in allowing easy decision-making process.

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The customer relationship management is brought to analyze this state of affair and establish to offer a way under which it might head to the right direction. Benefits Increase market share: The customer relationship management is designed to help address the state of customers and their relation with the organization. Through the administration of the application, the organization establishes to play its part and help develop the customer base that attracts more customers to the business as well as increasing the sales, (Hassan, et. al. It applies this articulate state through appealing to a positive way of handling the whole situation and circumstance as provided to exist and ensure customers get satisfied. Work cited Piela, Joonatan. "Key performance indicator analysis and dashboard visualization in a logistics company.

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