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On June 27, 1869, Emma Goldman was born in Kovno in Russia (currently Kaunas in Lithuania) into a Jewish family. When Goldman was born, her father, Abraham Goldman rejected her and this affected her throughout her life. She had no peace living in her father’s house because her father kept abusing her and to some extent she was a victim of her mother’s lack of happiness (Chalberg np). Generally, Emma Goldman’s extraordinary life was full of lifelong struggles against governments which were far more powerful than her but she really believed in herself and her contributions towards modern libertarianism are very outstanding. Emma Goldman is believed to be a radical, controversial as well as a colorful person in the American history who challenged government legitimacy, private property and religion in US.

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As a result of inspired by Johann Most, Emma Goldman went to New York in the year 1889. During this time being an intellectual and attractive woman, she was able to have a good association with Alexander Berkman who was a Russian anarchist. Since their meeting, Goldman started anarchist activities with Berkman and one of her radical activities is clearly seen when she planned an anarchist act with Berkman against Henry Frick who was then working with the Carnegie Steel Company for being resistant towards the efforts of his employees’ union efforts (Nash 48). Emma Goldman was imprisoned later for urging the people who were not employed to take the food they required “by force”. Following her imprisonment, Emma Godman stopped advocating for violence but she continued to defend those who did actions of violence.

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2, par 4). In “The Social Significance of the Modern Drama”, she gave her analysis of the political implications of modern drama and the aim of publishing this book was to acquaint radicals and other normal citizens about the radical potential of the modern drama. Not forgetting Anarchism and Other Essays which is a book that contains essays on patriotism, prisons, women suffrage and marriage. In her writing, she sought to communicate with people about several issues which were affecting their day life activities. Through writing and lecturing, Emma Goldman was able to influence so many people and changed their thinking through enlightening and equipping them with the necessary information about their various rights. In conclusion, Emma Goldman played a key role in the struggle for the modern libertarianism.

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