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According to the case, the company is not obliged to share this information with the public if it has not reached a certain amount. Mia can therefore choose not to share this information and there will be no legal repercussions from the government. However, as a consumer product, they owe it to the consumers to make them aware of all the contents of the drink for safety and precautions (Grewal and Levy, 362). This is important to ensure the consumers avoid the products that contain allergens or which can harm them in any way. In this case, consumption of alcohol could cause problems to expectant or lactating mothers, and people who are on medication which can be affected by alcohol. It would lead to reduction of harm by warning consumers about the consumption.

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By disclosing this information, the company rids itself of blame resulting from effects of the alcohol. This way, the consumer is to blame for anything. Disclosing also helps the consumers make informed decisions regarding their consumption of the product. This enables them to consume only products that do not affect them in any way. Option 2: Not disclosing information about the alcohol content Mia can choose not to disclose this information to the consumers as it has been over the years. This means that she just ignores the findings and proceeds as normal, similar to the manufacturers who have kept the information a secret. Pros: 1. Maintaining of consumers- If Mia remains silent and does not include the information of the labels of the drink, the company will enjoy the high number of consumers that they have been having over time.

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The company will also keep making profits from the drinks. The company is therefore harming this group of consumers. Leaving out this information will also remain in the conscience of Mia resulting in psychological disturbance. This will mean that she has to lie to the consumers. Over time, keeping this information secret could affect her mentally. Option 3: Disclose the information in an informative campaign Mia can also choose to disclose this information accompanied with an advertisement explaining more information regarding the choice of time to disclose, the amount of alcohol content and why the company chooses to include alcohol. The reduced consumers will result in reduced sales and thus lower sales. The amount of money used to run the informative campaign will also reduce the profit margins.

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Best Option The best option would be for the company is the third one. This is because it still offers consumer protection to the customers as well as mitigating the negative impact of sharing such information. Mia gets to clear her conscience by being honest to the consumers about the alcohol content. Win-Win Scenario This is the only option that can provide a win-win situation for the company. If they do nothing, they win temporarily and the consumers lose. This is temporary because should someone discover the secret, or an aggrieved employee shares with others, the company might find itself on the losing ends both financially and the reputation. If they simply add the information on the labels to disclose the presence of alcohol content, they stand to lose as the sales will be greatly reduced.

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