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Cultures are unique across the globe. A person who is used to their culture may find it a challenge interacting with persons from other cultures because they could significantly vary. For instance, one may find the food and dietary practices of another culture unfamiliar and unfriendly to them. I would describe my culture as being greatly characterized of modernization and civilization. Unlike in early days where the traditional culture was greatly observed, there has been a great shift and I have been affected by it. We would spend three days together at their home. We arrived late in the evening when dinner was about to be served. At my home, I have been used to serve myself. After food was ready, it was put on the dining table and every family member would to free to serve themselves.

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I thought that things were the same here. When it was exactly five in the evening the next day, a bell rang in the main room. With the sound of the bell, every member of the family went on their knees and started bowing. My friend was among them. I was stranded not knowing what to do next. I just sat observing every move. However, since I had formed a culture of respecting other people’s beliefs and practices, I quickly recovered from my shock. One factor that may promote successful intercultural interactions is education. A person who is educated has mostly interacted with diverse people in the learning institutions. They are also likely to be more objective and respect diversity in culture, personalities or even practices.

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