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In here, we will consider two documentaries by some famous writers. They are the known historians all over the globe, namely; David Sorkin, who wrote, The Religious Enlightenment and Democratic Enlightenment by Mr. Jonathan Israel. Sir David Sorkin enlightens us in the religious tyranny. Mr Jonathan Israel is consistent on the outlook of the adverse evolution of democratic issues within the society. He emphasises on extend of menaces clouding the Catholicism stance. Fauchet and Lamorette who were within the church sometimes, had many problems in all these deists and atheists and, eventually, got angry with them and they split after counterfeiting (Meyer, Donald, 216). The church papacy rejected and isolated them theologically since Montagnard also accompanied them in the revolution. This enlightenment is perceived as unworkable, unidirectional and also unviable and therefore, the radicalization of these two individuals could not live for long.

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 Voltaire and Rousseau were the best known individuals who criticises the religious wellbeing. He does not criticise the religious authorities since nobody can remove the fanatics of religion within the people and weaken their beliefs also. The writer explores the challenges faced by individuals who are not consistent in their religious doctrines. However, the existence of some few individuals who thought that they cannot be moved by the catechism, they struggled for the transition as far as leadership and political aspects of the church is concerned. The book also tries to explain in deep the splitting of the churches and where really Jesus Christ did was worshiping from. To my own understanding, the book is very vital to all generations and all the religious believers since there are few explanations about the emergency of atheists, differences in worshipping, offering of sacrifices and culture of a given religion (Sorkin, David, 171).

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 The enlightenment radicalises the fundamental originality of the society since it is the key to understand the human rights and the overall revolutions of both French and the America countries. However it is not accepted and recognised. According to Jonathan Israel, he portrays that the enlightenment is disastrous since it deeply split after emergence of many problems and therefore absolutely became inconsistent fundamental (Jonathan Israel, 1770). He explains that once the enlightenment is completely destroyed, it is automatically declared invalid and hence the supports of the revolution are divided. At beginning of 19th century, Burkean enlightenment has a tendency of assuming that all the overconfidence and human rights theorizing the society. According to Mr Jonathan understanding, the context is purely outlined in religion, politics and the social aspects which bring a lot of petty confusion.

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The book specifically exposes us to the democratic and radicalization of the view and rule of law to that accompanies many people. Considering the ethical values of the society, the number of superstitions dimensions and platforms to be subdued is a major concern in the book. The book is helpful to those individuals who are victimised by their political leaders who actively involve themselves in robbing, corruption, grabbing of land and embezzling of public resources (Meyer & Donald Harvey, 1976). All the people have a solid guarantee to equitably gain the sources of their nation. They encourage us to bring enlightenment radicalization to the society. Mr Sorkin and Jonathan Israel have a great influence. They address the religious and democratic aspects that are very essential within the society we are living today.

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