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In business, there is a need to make a decision and resolve them to create some effectiveness and benefits. The smooth running of the organization read uires good and strategic plans in the workplace. People with different educational qualifications, different diverse backgrounds, and various diverse backgrounds and varied interest come together to enable achievement of one common goal. Good organization management gives some sense of direction to all the employees in the workplace. Effective management always creates some profitability because of the appropriate handling of the business and the employees. However, several issues affect business management. Those factors result in adverse impact as they are not enabling organizations to achieve their primary aim of making profits. Problems that affect the organizations are as follows.

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Purpose. The purpose is precisely the gaining traction in all types of business. Adjustment if not done in dealing with the related legal issues results in contrary impacts. Management should prepare to protect the organization against the threat. Recognizing legal changes well creates a chance of adjustment. Failure to do so there will be a severe problem within the organization. Fraud which includes false reports, fillings, and paper issues affects the organization's prosperity. Useful leadership involves a lot of management process. Manager managers all the people's means so that they can develop the employees can develop the companies strategies to create profits. Leaders in the institution are having the mandate of formulating and communicating a good plan that got a positive impact.

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Managing the alignment of people for the strategy implementation is their duty. Clear policy and the implications should be good enough for the development of the company. Achievement of the goals in every institution the financial reports and expenditures should be put in a release. Misappropriation use of funds will not occur, fraud done by the employees will be checked. The most critical role of auditing both internal and external is that it enables the achievement of various aims of the corporations. Illegality in the e-transaction that may hinder the profitability is brought to an end. Employees will be the ar steps taken if they are found guilty. Communication which is effective helps in better employees relations, problem-solving, various impacts on globalization, the profitability among others.

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The management and the employees who can communicate well helps the companies in achieving their primary objective. Guidance is given on the day to day activities, and that enables the solution to several problems. When conflict occurs an action should be taken by the qualified manager who uses communication appropriately. Organization profitability is significantly affected when there is no proper communication. That is done by creating safety rules that should not lead to the suffering of the workers and the clients. All the safety regulations should be followed to the later. Also, an honest and relaxed environment is created when the law states that nobody should be above the law and by that the treatment is fair not considering someone to be superior.

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