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As these institution or organization operate, they have to put in place several measures that will be significantly increasing their revenues. One of the major activity that is essential in any business organization is the business process. A business process is the core of any form of business activity conducted. This activity is usually a set of steps that are repeated which are important in helping the company achieve certain business goals, therefore, the business process is something that has to be done on a regular basis. In the business process, there is process design. These areas are decision making as well as functional organizations. Every organization has a chance to attain the required performance within its processes. The business process redesign allows for the improvement of performances among different business (Laguna, & Marklund 2013).

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Business process re-engineering in process design can be termed as the new type of quality improvement. This process entails the introduction of new concepts to help in carrying out business activities. The fourth consideration is whether there should be some of the team members who are external to the company. The fifth factor that should be considered is the manner in which the team should be in making autonomous decisions. The last factor that should be considered is whether there should be an initial team that will be viewed as the business process re-engineering. The team that will be selected to carry out the business process redesign will be expected to perform some task. Examples of the roles of the team include process owner, leader, the steering committee, the reengineering team, and re-engineering Czar.

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This approach is made up of the four-step model which entails plan, do, check and act. Other methods that can be used in the continuous process improvement includes the six sigma, teamwork, employee involvement, lean and management that is top quality (McFadden, & Stock 2015). The Continuous Process Improvement is general in the sense that there are different types of approaches that can be used. Also, the Continuous Process Improvement is used in various places. The use of continuous process improvement is associated with several features. The Practical Guide to Business Process Reengineering Using IDEFO. Addison-Wesley. Jeston, J. Business process management. Routledge. Leadership, safety climate, and continuous quality improvement: impact on process quality and patient safety. Health care management review, 40(1), 24-34. Robson, G.

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