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For instance, committing murder and stealing are considered as acts of great unethical misconduct in most societies. Respecting others on the other hand is generally treated as ethical in most societies. We live within societies. Every day we interact with people in various ways and places. According to Beckett, et al. At each level of education, my values keep evolving as I gain more knowledge. Gaining of knowledge affects my attitudes and often result to change in beliefs and values. An example here would my belief in upholding of peace. I was taught in a psychology class that maintaining an environment of peace promotes both physical and psychological wellbeing. For this reason, I always strive to make peace for myself and others in every way I can.

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These include not stealing belongings of other people, upholding justice and being kind. To illustrate my ethical beliefs, I will give a brief story. I recently met two children fighting. They were doing so in field by the roadside. When I saw this, my mind concluded that this was unethical and that I should do something about it. This is an ethical theory that is concerned with the consequences of an action. If an action leads to more positive than negative consequences, then the act can be termed as moral (Larsen and Randy et al, 12). If on the other hand, the consequences have more negative effect, then it is not moral. One of the main reasons that I like about the theory is that it does not depend on such factors as religion or culture to teach about ethics.

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It is more objective as it judges an action not by what some people think but by its consequences. This theory bases the morality of an action based on set rules. As a child, I could follow the orders and guidance of my parents. At the current age, I am obliged to obey to certain rules and laws such as those dictated by the constitution. There are different factors that have shaped my subscription to the ethical theories mentioned above. While growing up, I was led to believe that I should obey my parents. Otherwise, it would be a state of anarchy. The main reason why I abide by the rules and regulations is because I believe that they are made for the common good.

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I subscribed to utilitarianism after joining campus and learning about it. I believe it is a great way judging the morality of an action since it considers the overall consequences. Even before joining campus, I had some traits of utilitarianism. Appreciating that we are different and treating people according to their personalities and beliefs helps me maintain conducive and fruitful relationships with other people. I have learnt that the values mentioned above (open-mindedness, respect and loving peace) are key ingredients in to living well with most people. In life, it is fulfilling to live well with people without chronic disagreements or conflicts. Since these values have proven helpful in ensuring smooth and harmonious relationships, I am willing to uphold them. If I will embrace any change, it is only the one that I will analyse and arrive to the conclusion that it is worth embracing.

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