Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care Delivery Models

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According to Pittman et al. , 2015, there is need to discuss action coalitions to ensure that the future of nursing and the various groups of stakeholders who work together improvise the concept. The involvement of the various groups could have an impact on the sustainable development in relation to the health sector. There is need to develop clear goals with the aim of improving the health sector by looking at the potential of all the professional nurses involved. Partners and stakeholders should be involved so that they can represent the different areas and sections that key in the development of a blueprint action (IOM, 2016). In most healthcare organizations, there are inadequate professionals when it comes to the provision f enhanced services. Additionally, there exist poor partnerships between the health care organizations, and this is posing as a challenge in the United States.

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However, the nurses’ feedback on the concept of Continuum or Continuity can be key in aiding the professional nurses to deal with the barriers that affect their service users, complexity that exists in the healthcare system, and the increased demand for enhanced services in health. According to the nurse’s discussion, there exist few integrated mechanism that are in use to enhance the growth and change that is needed in the professional nursing practice. There are three integrated mechanism particularly that the nurses highlighted, community-based services, health information systems, and disease management program events. Campaignforaction. org. Retrieved 3 September 2018, from https://campaignforaction. org/states IOM. Future of Nursing Report. The future of nursing: monitoring the progress of recommended change in hospitals, nurse-led clinics, and home health and hospice agencies.

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