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Since time immemorial, fashion has changed and advanced tremendously. Other than the changes in dress codes and people’s perspectives, the activities behind fashion and design have advanced greatly (Barthes, 1983). I experienced all this at Wiseman clothing where I went for a 100 hour workplace internship. Wiseman is a fashion industry located in Wimbledon South-West London. It offers a full clothing manufacturing service which includes samples, patterns, CMT and design. A number of necessities were sought. Some of them were knowledge in manual pattern making, ability to work under strict guidelines, high level of organization, proficiently spoken and written English, IT skills and knowledge in garment construction. Everything was verified and I was ready to work. Speaking with clients and dealing with their inquiries were some of the most interesting experiences.

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I met new people and served them to the best of my abilities. I was not able to experience the fluctuations of prices in the market due to the briefness of the internship but the fact that Wiseman needed more profits remained constant. Other than favoring the business only, the prices were supposed to be in line with customers’ specifications since consumer contentment was one of the major goals of the enterprise. Every worker looked out for each other in the work place and that astonished me. As an intern, I had very low experience in the job market. I highly depended on the experienced workers to show me the way and to assist me in difficult tasks. I had to further apply the knowledge of saving and economizing.

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Despite the challenges I faced during the complete garment construction, I was stunned every time I made impressive attire. I usually felt like giving up when the work load seemed less manageable but the tremendous end products motivated me to keep working hard. Out of this experience, I learned that if a person works hard to undertake a certain goal they are more likely to achieve it. Persistency and resilience are key factors for great results. It is very important for business people to select appropriate grading systems for their clothing line (Davis, 1994). The selection and grading should be done according to their targeted market share. There was an option for grading digitally using computer software but manual grading was the best for me since it gave me more significant skills.

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For example, a certain client was very slender and the skirt she wanted didn’t fit her. I measured her weight and height and then trimmed the skirt according to the measurements. The only negative aspect that affects Wiseman is that countless people are not cognizant of its existence because it is situated midst industrialists. Relation to coursework At Wiseman clothing, there were production and sampling sections. Every time a client’s specifications were delivered, I could help some customers sample the varieties that best suited them. This process was tedious at times since it could take a longer time selecting the best product due to very small dissimilarities among the choices. In order to counter this, I would recall and apply the things my lecturers at the university had taught me regarding appropriate sampling techniques.

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Just like at school, I divided the workload into simple tasks and assigned each job a substantial amount of time. Above everything, I valued hard work, speed, accuracy and efficiency so that I could complete the work on time and in the required form. Career The idea of being a degree student and then being expected to work for free left my parents visibly shaken and aghast and I too had my reservations. Since I was young, I was encouraged every time to work hard and go to the university so that I could get a good job but this internship challenged me. How would I spend thousands of pounds and many hours of my life working towards achieving a degree just to end up being a free laborer? Evidently, I was under no false pretenses when it came to being an intern.

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