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Exxon has continuously been the world’s prevalent publicly energy traded company in revenues, and capitalization of the market across its entire sectors. The purpose of the paper is to writer Exxon project management plan evaluating significant forces that shaped its history, Key obstacles the company has faced, changes to operatives and organization structure, business operations, key trends, and impacts. The oil trade is a world thriving venture despite the significant historical storms, evaluating the specific challenges rally remains one of the fundamental strategies of projecting earning growth and movement of oil price. Constant disappointing recovery of the economy could result in the global fall in demand of energy. Exxon has the potential to daze the unprecedented challenges which face the corporations positively.

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Technological Forces: Exxon embraces the use of modern technology in its operations and production procedures. After the spillage, Exxon assesses the operations risks and security lapses, and one of the areas that ideally pinpointed is to enhance the uses of modern technology within continues research and development (Sampson, 2014). Ecological Forces: Hydraulic fracturing pollutes the environments causing what popularly referred to the world worst spillage that affects global warming (Rajan, 2013). The government tightened environmental regulations. Exxon also faces high ecological rules while operating an overseas. The power of supplies: Suppliers in the scenario is those provide Exxon with what they need. Exxon categorize of suppliers includes equipment suppliers such as drilling rings and crude refineries suppliers. Exxon observes the supplier’s records.

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Competitive Rivalry: Companies with similar goods looking for same clients shaped Exxon operations by ensuring they are ahead of the rivalry at all times. Exxon competitor rivals include Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Apache and Marathon Oil. These restrictions are offering the competitive advantages over Exxon and creating stepping block to Exxon operations. Pollutions guidelines: Base on the growing concern of change on climate, several countries adopted the instructions in a bid of minimizing greenhouse gas emission. These guidelines contain an agreement to pass cap and trade rules, taxes to carbon, enhancing the efficiency levels. The product could make Exxon product more expensive and more protracted implementation lengths. High Labor cost: The cost of labor especially while operating in different countries is high since every state has its labor regulations.

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Change in HR functions is divided in two major categories: (1) Business Line HR; role comprises of both operational and strategic which include working in hand with supervisor and management in implementing HR strategies, effects changes in organizational and certify safe and productive working environment. (2) Service HR; strategic and enhanced continuously core HR processes which are crucial smooth business running such as recruitment, training, development of benefit compensation policy and customers management (ExxonMobil 2017). BUSINESS OPERATIONS Oil trade Operations: Exxon alongside Shell and BP are non-state oil corporations forms a moderately smaller world oil market segment selling their products in a competitive market. Exxon is the largest among the six big companies that are owned by investors but not states, vertically incorporated oil vendors popular refers to big oil or supermajor companies.

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Exxon trades its oil products in six continents over 100 countries and has over 36 refineries in 21 countries. Delivery Commitment: Exxon is committed to the selling off its crude oil and natural gas based on various obligations, of which some specify delivery and solid product quality. Exxon is engaged in delivering 95 million oil barrels and over 26,000 billion feet cubic of natural gas between the periods of 2017-2019. Legal Proceedings: Texas Commission on Environmental Quality contacted Exxon for alleged violation of Taxes clean air Act, the view of imposing a $ 100, 000 civil penalty on Exxon. In 2014, TCEQ issued a notice order enforcing proposed agreed Order alleging Exxon records and inspection reviews has identified the deficiencies in Exxon refineries emission that affects the human health. Impact Exxon strictly observes appropriate regulations and laws related to standard and while require.

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Most of the growth anticipated in the growing developing countries where the application is likely to increase by more than 70%. Fastest growing energy sources is a natural gas which has consistently show a robust request for hygienic fuel burning encounter the growing need for energy generations. Natural gas is anticipated to be an alternative energy source by the year 2030. Exxon has made tremendous steps in modernizing the operations despite the challenges. Diversify its activities in oil, natural gas, and petrochemical sectors will see it continues to thrive in the industry. 3, pp. Robert, & Paul, (2015): The end of oil: the decline of the petroleum economy and the rise of a new energy order, London. Bloomsbury, 2015. Sampson, A, (2014). The seven sisters: the great oil companies and the world they shaped, Viking Press, New York.

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