Fetal Abnormality Case Study

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These values also helps people in determining what is wrong and right based on personal view. As a result, people use moral compass to make decisions especially in circumstances where there are numerous different routes that are considered morally correct. In this case, each decision selected has its own consequences. In the “Case Study: Fetal Abnormality” it can be seen that four individuals are making their feelings on the issue of aborting a fetus. These individuals are Jessica, Marco, Maria, and Dr. Wilson uses facts and the positive tests results that revealed a rare condition about the fetus. He uses his scientific knowledge to present the news and the available options to Jessica and Marco. Dr. Wilson did not quote religion and spirituality when providing his own view.

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Regarding the option of abortion, he argued that abortion was medically and scientifically the best choice for the safety of the mother and the fetus. d. The materialistic nature of Marco influences his action because to him the fetus is just something without consciousness and spirit that will interfere with their economic security and future plans as well as being a barrier to Jessica. Since materialism emphasizes on material object and possession for growth it is clear that Marco believes it will hinder the progress of his family if abortion does not take place. Jessica, Materialism, and Christianity View Jessica has a blended view on the moral status of the fetus. This is because she appears to think in Christianity perspective while at the same time considering her economic security and future plans.

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