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Police are suspecting Chow to be linked to criminal activities hence they are also at the verge of arresting him too. Lau (Sun Yeuh), the police inspector is the only person who knows that Chow is an undercover cop. Ko Chow has a task to run away from the police who have linked him to a gang group which he actually is, and also needs to keep his girlfriend happy at the same time trying to keep his friendship deeper with Lee Fu (Danny Lee) so that they may become part of the gangsters. City on fire movie is one of the best movies that I advise people to watch in Hong Kong since it is one of the first films that deal with the theme of undercover cops as well as the psychological hardships resulting from betraying your friends.

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Hence I can conclude that "City on fire" cleared the way for many other films having almost similar themes such as the Ringo Lam film, "The prison on fire" and the "full alert" (Routledge, 2002) also came in to be the better movies portraying the same theme of cop undercover. His relationship together with his girlfriend Carrie Ng ("Hungry Ghost Ritual"), may be termed as a bad joke since she is highly linked to materialistic things and as a result of the subplot, which is a contradiction to the expectations, goes into a sand as witnessed later on. Nonetheless, Ko chow makes to grant his fiancée that special charm which makes him persist in the spotlight at all occasions. Eventually, Lee finally comes to a deal with Ko Chow and hence friendship begins.

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