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In addition, historical events create meaning and relevance to people’s personality, philosophy principles ethos and lifestyle. This paper uses probing interview questions to interpret how circumstances changed my selected three people. These three people are diverse from three different generations. Concisely the report evaluates how the interviewed events have shaped their identity, way of life, and culture. My first interviewee is My Homestay Guardian Grand Father Robert Carlisle a retired history High school teacher. The most surprising was the attention that surrounded the announcement. Because he did not believe the story at first, he went to browse to other sites. Some of the media sites had posted about the affair more than twenty times. This led me thinking more of the high workplace sexual misconduct.

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The issue raised awareness to him on sexual misconducts at the workplace. When asked about September 11, 2001 attacks Robert Carlisle described as one of the most devastating terror attacks he ever heard. He first received the news through his work mail alerting them to take caution on the significant areas that were attacked and if possible avoid the areas. He started attempting to reach out to fellow workmates, friends and family to find out if they were safe. At this time, he was almost in a trauma because his immediate cousin was a victim in the terror attack. Everybody in the family gathered to console the family and ensured that he was comforted. The election of trump as the president of America rejuvenated his strength.

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He is a Republican who believes that American belongs to the Americans and they should get the best. He felt that trump is a president who would implement the ideology of Americans. Therefore, from that day trump was elected as the president my guardian grandfather, Robert Carlisle became attached to politics and politicians. He has been influencing members of the family to rally behind the Republican Party. America is a democratic country, therefore; everything should be run in the transparency manner. It changed my mind on the then presidents as a healthy person to deliver justice and implement the constitution. As compared to the past, my support for politics has declined drastically. He says that the energy that he had for voting also dropped.

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He has sometimes expressed his anger by avoiding voting in some elections. Immediate neighbor Vicki Lehman views the election of Barack Obama and Donald Trump as president of America consecutively as most essential events he has witnessed. The election of Barack Obama as the first black presidents motivates her the people to have the potential to what they can. She uses Obama's slogan "yes we can" to drive her kids, the entire family and friends that they will always make it so long as they believe in themselves. Through her interview, Obama is the most potent and influential president America ever had. President Obama has positively affected most of her friends. She now agrees with some of the trump strategies of leading though she still feels that she lost elections.

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