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Company background Fine Brush Company was established in 2017, in Jacksonville Florida. The company logo is simply the initials of the company name, that is, FBC. The company believes in the word freeing the world of dental and related illnesses. The desire to solve health related problems has been a passion and a call from childhood. The idea of establishing company with interests in the manufacture of tooth brushes was borne in 2013 during a visit to Baringo County. This three parts include places between the teeth, between wires of dental braces and the teeth. The use of this brushes in collaboration with tooth brushing has effectively proven to lessen the amount of plaque and the occurrence of gingivitis something that does not happen in tooth brushing alone.

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This brushes are manufacture in strict adherence to international standards that guide on the smallest to the largest spaces between the teeth. The Sulcabrush toothbrush in cleaning along the gum line next to the teeth. The bristles are tactically shaped in a pointed arrow manner to allow ease of adaptation to the gums. The last of Fine brush company toothbrushes is the ecological toothbrushes. This brushes are commonly made of plastic but Fine Brush Company has departed from this tradition and embraced the use of biodegradable materials. Biodegradable materials used by Fine brush company in the manufacture of these brushes include wooden handles mostly bamboo and pig bristles. Besides the use of Biodegradable materials, these brushes too have the alternative of replaceable heads.

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Mission statement. The administrative structure of the Kenyan government is at two levels (national government and county governments) an arrangement that would allow expeditious clearance and authorization to undertake business. Being that water pollution by fluoride in this area and most water catchment areas are prone to contamination, the masses will readily embrace the idea of proper teeth hygiene and government too will ensure to sensitize the people on the need to keep high hygienic standards to avoid teeth discoloring and eventual tooth loss. Marketing Strategy. The core purpose of the oral health care industry is to prevent teeth and gum diseases and deliver related benefits. This industry started long ago as early as 3000 B. Positioning statement. Fine Brush Company limited could be the newest entrant in the Oral hygiene industry.

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