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Factors and importance of joining Free Trade Area The traditional trade gains: The first step in every initiative is derived by the prospects of gaining greatly from the engagement. The country’s engagement in the free trade area is an initiative that they derive to entail reciprocal exchanges of concessions of trade barrier with easy access to market, (Whalley,1998). In this front the country provides the need to gain from the exchanges between the nations or parties involved due to opened up markets. The realization of any trading front prospects for a country or participating party is to be able to gain something out of the market. In this manner, the country joining the free trade aims to have an exchange of the commodities and gain from the activity in return to its national building projects.

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The undertaking creates room for innovation with their different views and applications and nations would like to benefit from this realized arrangement and hence their participation. Comparison of Free Trade and Joining a Church More gains from the two fronts: Joining a free trade area, a country is able to gain more than it can offer given the variety of choice available. On its part, joining a Church provides for a person to benefit from the newly found family other than what they contribute to the Church. The two applications are similar to each other such that the nations and Church congregation are bound to benefit more. Redemption of the activities: A person who joins a Church is redeemed from the sins he or she was doing.

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