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Therefore, it was for this reason that he formed an allegiance with Robert Cade a kidney specialist and other scientists at a Florida medicine college in 1965. Their aim was to mitigate on a solution to the problem that faced the coach and his players. Therefore, according to Cade, the players were losing carbohydrates, salts, and electrolytes that regulated the activities that a body carried out. Cade and his fellow scientists went to work, and came up with a drink that was inclusive of sugar and salt. Their basic idea was to create a drink that would replenish the lost sugar and salt from the players’ bodies. The products are associated with giving kick back to athletes and other sports players, thus, it has found a major market in the world for the benefits that it has on an individual.

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The world became adapt to this product that started off in forms of powder and liquid and later on grew to the market and produced different varieties within the brand such as chewing gum and energy bar. Many other foods and beverages have been introduced to the market under the Gatorade brand and forged a stronghold within it. With these products the brand has created value to its customers and even offered educational scholarships and other developments to the community. Role of the Customer in the Company's Strategic Plan. 5 billion in the market and ranked at 86th position in the world, as among the most powerful companies by Forbes. Since its conception the company has grown to adapt to the changes of the world, it is currently under the manufacturing of its products by PepsiCo, which is among the largest companies in the world of its kind.

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And is marketed and sold in over 80 countries across the world and has a reputation of over 45 percentage in the energy drink market (Bhasin, 2018). The company has captured a market that has a gained the loyalty of their customers in huge numbers. This large customer base gives their response on the aspects of their advertisements. Such as an energy drink that replenishes the person’s body and keeps it hydrated (Bhasin, 2018). Not only can the company develop better products but also target upcoming and productive markets in the sport world such as the likes of Mixed Martial Arts and others. Threats With the availability of more appealing energy drinks in the market the share index that the sports drink held are becoming lower.

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This makes the product to have a slow sale in the market. Competitive Analysis Gatorade faces a lot of competition from its competitors for the product market. Not only does the company hold a presence in the consumer market in communication through their customer service operations but also through the social media platform which holds a large number of people (Agarwalla, 2017). Customer Relationship Management Gatorade has a customer relationship strategy in which it requests it consumers to communicate on the efficiency of their products in the market. It offers quality services and products to the community making the world better and, therefore, creating a customer base that is tolerable to the new products from the company. Through its employees who are ever ready to assist their customers it has created a base that is strong in the market (Agarwalla, 2017).

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