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Vincent is considered to be critically ill and his parents believe that he can die as a result of any minor incident. Anton, his younger brother is conceived through genetic selection. His genetics are superior compared to those of Vincent. Because of Anton’s superiority, he is considered worthy of his father’s name. Vincent dreams of a space career but he is denied training because he is considered invalid(Niccol, 2017). Vincent and Anton meet again when authorities are called to investigate a murder case in Gattaca, which occurs one week before Vincent is launched to Titan space. Vincent becomes entrenched in a controversy and he becomes a top suspect. When the brothers meet, Anton challenges him to the chicken game.

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Once again, Anton drowns and Vincent saves him, which implies a win for Vincent. At this time of investigation, Vincent gets close to Irene Cassini, his work colleague. After the takeoff, Vincent opens Jerome’s note and finds a lock of hair. Meanwhile, Jerome puts on his silver medal and incinerates himself in the incinerator located in his luxury home(Niccol, 2017). Bio-cultural phenomenon explored in the story The movie clearly depicts how people are clustered in the society as ‘valids’ and the ‘invalids’. This is clearly shown on how discrimination is used in Gattaca’s community to promote obligatory feelings, which result in the society establishing bureaucratic controls. Vincent’s mother believed that Vincent would make great accomplishments upon his birth.

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This assists the bureaucratic organizations are portrayed through the garment design in which those who are considered invalid wear one-piece janitor clothing while those who are considered to be valid wear full attire. As an invalid, Vincent could not be allowed to take a job that satisfies his personal desires. Instead, he was forced to take low ranking job. This is clearly evidenced by Vincent being considered a janitor. In contrast, those who are valid are considered qualified for high ranking jobs. In reality, humans are more complex than what can be predicted by genetic determinism. Therefore, using genetic codes alone to disqualify or qualify people limits organizations and the society at large from benefiting from talented people just because these people have genetic codes that the society considers to be abnormal.

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Social factors within the society can play a key role in shaping the identity of an individual. This is evidenced by Vincent defeating Anton twice in the chicken game. The fact that those who are not of the desired genes are denied opportunities means that within the Gattaca’s society, there is sublime denouncing of non-genetic creativity using minimalism. This form of discrimination can result in people living unsatisfied lives in which they are not free to make key decisions that sum up to form a productive life. Discrimination based on genetic composition has not been given enough attention and it is a key factor that can be used to discriminate people and the culprits will get away with the crime due to insufficient laws on the issue.

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