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There are some of the industries that are highly affected by the wage imbalance between the two genders. The film industry is one of the fields that is highly affected by the wage gap. The women are sidelined in the industry and receive meager pay as compared to the male. The research below focuses on the research done previously on the topic and the effect that the gap has towards the society. It also shows the positive effects of closing the gap. There are some people are adamant about any changes that are aimed at the promotion of gender equality in the careers and the businesses. Personal and societal beliefs also have significant effects towards the delay in the complete closure of the gap that has been deemed to be against the human rights.

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The paper analyses the gender wage gap across the globe, its causes, describing the countries that have made improvement and the recommendation towards the improvement in reducing the gap in future. Literature Review In order to better understand the extent of income inequality that exist between genders, it is crucial to review the previous literature that has been conducted by other researchers. It is an established fact that the escalation in wage inequality increases the gender disparity in pay. Therefore, wage should be based on the efficiency regardless of gender. Repercussions of wage imbalance Greater gender wage gap is a great concern to scores of people since it indicates that a significant number of people are living in poverty. Additionally, there is adequate evidence that substantial disparity of wage results to wanting social health to the entire society.

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Consequently, the health of the people is compromised to inability to access quality healthcare. Another salient concern is that whether the wage imbalance depicts the disparities in skills as well as the desires or whether it demonstrates unequal opportunities. Some psychological attributes like the confidence of a worker play a significant role in the increase of productivity hence wage. Men in many circumstances are willing to work under challenging conditions, and this gives the society a belief that men attach a higher value to money. The above psychological characteristics and traits are related to wages, and the differences in the psychological attributes and willingness to work under stressful situation give a clear picture of the gender wage gap. The men's competitive inclination and elasticity in workplaces is an added advantage which improves the willingness of an employer to give them relatively higher pay.

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Previous research has shown that during the recruitment period, many women are not able to negotiate the terms of work as it men do. In the traditional culture, the wife is not supposed to earn more than the husband. This theory has been actualized by many people in the current society and has played a lot in the widening of the wage gap. A reasonable explanation is the high rates of marriage dissatisfaction caused by wives out-earning their husbands. The condition of superiority complex regarding gender has played a lot in the maximization of the wage gap. Conclusion and future study From the research analyzed above the gender wage gap is an issue that is affecting the whole world. References Blau, F.

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