GMO food safety is dangerous due to the lack of long term study and regulation

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Also, the concept of Genetically Modified Organisms has been introduced to generate a wide range of perceptions and views as far as agricultural technology is concerned. GMO is described as an animal, bacteria or plant which has undergone a modification in its genetic makeup to attain a particular objective. However, the modification is regarded as nonspontaneous due to the difference in alternations of genetics. All the plants and crops that are created to be consumed by human beings are imposed to GMOs using the modern technique of molecular biology. The technique is crucial as it facilitates the transformation of the genetic makeup of the crops through modification. The core issue is on the ratio between the genetic composition of the genetically modified foods and the synthetic constituents do not support the health impact of the food safety (Wong, & Chan p.

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Therefore, complex decisions regarding the modification of the food products ought to be made to emphasize the hygiene of the newly produced food products. The main concern is the lack of hygiene in the production of the genetically modified crops and plants. Consequently, strong restrictions are being outlined to address the issue of GMOs food safety in biotechnology. This is opposed to the importance of the molecular technology in the food industry since many food production firms have highly benefited from the use of the technology (Bobe, & Procopie p. Therefore, many citizens in European Union and German have sought the need for special compliance, test, analysis, and regulation of the genetic composition of such GM foods. The aim is to ascertain the validity of the foods for human consumption.

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If testing and proper compliance regulations are made about the GM foods, it will be important for the humans to understand the genetic makeup of the GM food thus preserving their health. The health will be protected from harmful diseases that might arise due to the consumption of the genetically modified foods which many people think are fit for their health. Therefore, the finished product will be tested and examined to provide appropriate compliance and regulation regarding the feeding of such GM food. This implies that most of the plants and animals experience a sudden change that occurs in its genetic makeup. The resistance might be influenced by the toxic substances that are brought by the genetic materials which are imposed on the foods.

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Some of these materials are regarded to be allergens (Smith p. When they are exposed to the environment, they cause allergic reactions to both the plants and the animals which make them develop resistance to the environment. However, the resistance may make them fail to survive well in the environment. Those risks lower the quality of the organisms generated from the use of the technology. Due to this, the GMOs is a great damage and unhealthy to the human life, especially to the environment. Moreover, such risks act as a monumental disaster to human life because of the disorders which the GM food may bring to humans (Ronald p. According to Bobe & Procopie (p. 153), the data obtained from the media proves a need for an additional research on the potential long-term effects that are associated with the GMOs technology.

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However, the induction of the toxins in the as genetic materials are harmful since they turn to be harmful to the those who consume the fruits or the seeds. The reason is that there are toxic substances that cause diseases to the consumers (Bobe, & Procopie p. Basing the argument on the genetic livelihood in its long-term effect, the crops produced through modification affected the mishaps that reduced their likelihood. As a result, the vigilance of the crops remains although the metabolism of the plants may change once the chemicals are induced into the plant. For instance, the rate of breakdown of certain foods substances and the end products of absorption in plants change when there is difference in the diffusion gradient.

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" Therefore, there is a need for labeling of the GM food products to enhance compliance with the regulations related to food production and consumption in a country (Smith p. In conclusion, the GMOs food safety technology is crucial in the food production and distribution, especially in the countries which are affected by hunger, poverty, and distribution of food. However, the technology is highly opposed by different scientist due to its harmful effects as far as its dangers in the regulation of its long-term effects are concerned. The key problem is in the unethical concepts which affects the health situations of the humans who consume genetically modified foods. Also, the health problems arise when certain diseases and risk factors are induced. 38, no.

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