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I am faced with a condition whereby I find myself worrying and sometimes I cannot be able to tell what is making feel worried. Also, the feeling is too extreme and persistent that I find it difficult to control. Additionally, the diagnosis indicates that I am suffering from General Anxiety Disorder and I also present several symptoms that prove the diagnosis. A report from WebMd states that people with GAD are aware that their level of worry is unnecessary and cannot shake their worry and uneasiness (np). That is the case with me as I find it difficult to control my worry although I am aware that it is unwarranted. That affects my quality of work and adherence to given deadlines which ultimately affects my grades.

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Additionally, I always avoid being where my peers are or places with a group of people. For instance, I rarely participate in my group discussion team because I feel insufficient and feel that my opinions are inferior to those of others. Frequent stomach aches and headaches affect class and job at attendance because most of the times I am forced to stay at home to treat the pain. Moreover, the schedule of part time job has greatly been affected which has made me to quit the job and concentrate on Academics. Comparing ourselves with peers and family can increase the anxious feeling that makes us to anticipate about our future and perceiving ourselves as failure in life. Finally, lifestyle factors includes stressful work environment.

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