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Tests are being carried out daily to ascertain the new ideologies and technology concerning genetics and the effects of manipulation. One of the major bioethical issues the society faces today includes manipulation of human genes. Gattaca, filmed in 1997 is a major channel that encourages genetic manipulation of human genes. The film portrays a fictional world where genetic manipulation thrives. This, however, seems to be uncommon in the real world due to limited resources. The effect of the movie has been profound. An example is embryo implantation. Preimplantation and splitting of the embryo have become relevant and has been ethically popular with the public. The procedure of embryo selection which was considered as a thing of the future as portrayed by Gattaca seems to be only five years away, according to science personnel as well as the medical profession.

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It will soon be a thing of the past. As portrayed by Gattaca, the probability of giving birth to a baby with poor health is very high when the natural selection method is employed. However, the embryo that has undergone deliberate selection is likely to be of good health. The conceived embryo which has undergone deliberate selection is likely to be adaptive to the environment. It will be able to sustain the adverse environmental changes. As depicted in the movie, naturally selected embryos are at a high risk of not surviving opportunistic diseases such as asthma as compared to genetically engineered embryos. The West has experienced an influx of female emancipation, free speech and decentralized media, whether through print, connectivity or sound (Field, Jun 17) The Gattaca movie also portrays the effect of ‘genoism’, which supposes that those with the ability to perform a given task will not be awarded jobs as a result of discrimination based on traditionally conceived status especially the skin colour.

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