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According to the Global Financial Centers Index, Geneva is the most perfect venue for this year's Tennis Open 20th Edition a decision supported by the past success and popularity of the previous editions held in this beautiful city. The Geneva Open is a commercial tennis tournament for both men and women within the age bracket of 18 years and 35 years. This tournament is open for attendants globally with the essence of offering a top-level tennis experience to the many tennis fans across the world. It will also serve to offer a competing platform to professional tennis players to showcase their skills and to compete against each other. Factors that will contribute to the success of this event Venue The capacity of the tournament venue will play a huge role in the success of this event.

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This, in turn, informs the decision to lower the ticket prices making it affordable to larger numbers (De Bosscher et al, 2015). Sponsors of the event will also be happy to have a reasonable input while enjoying a fair profit margin making it a win-win situation for all the parties involved. Feasibility study Technical evaluation Geneva is the best place to host a tennis event beginning with its climatic conditions which are favourable to host a world-class tournament. More so, it is well equipped with well-maintained technical systems and utilities that conditions checked by engaging engineers to make sure all the systems are in good working condition. Capital cost The cost of preparing the tennis event is affordable and the returns from the tickets and entrance fee charged at the entrance will come with great returns.

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How to attract the attendants Free public transport Free public transport will be provided for the attendants both to and from the event. The picking points will be clearly indicated in the event brochures and they will also be broadcasted on the various TV channels and radio stations across the country. For those from outside the country, this information will be accessed from our official website. The picking points will serve as drop-off points after the event is over. Discounted tickets Event tickets purchased one month to the event will attract a 5% discount while those that will be accompanied by the purchase of event regalia will attract 15% discount (Taks, 2013). Favourable conditions Among all the cities capable of hosting a tennis sports event, Geneva offers the best conditions for hosting an exciting and innovative tennis event as well as deliver a truly world-class events compared to places like Copenhagen in Denmark, Miami in USA, Istanbul in Turkey, Turin In Italy Not forgetting Wuhan in China (Keys, 2013).

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Parking The venue has a parking lot as well as nearby parking lots where spectators can park their cars, bikes and other means of transport. People with cars can have a safe place to park their cars and watch the game confidently and comfortably without any insecurities as security is usually guaranteed. Accessibility Geneva having hosted a lot of tennis tournaments in decades is an accessible place to tennis lovers with its favourable conditions (Keys, 2013). People with special needs especially can easily access the place and its amenities with no difficulties and enjoy the event in place. Also, he will also provide sirens, alarm systems, ropes and barriers to control spectators. Lastly, he will ensure the equipment to be used by the participants are sufficient and available.

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Hospitality coordinator Hospitality will also be part of the vent where there will be a team to welcome spectators "Guest" in order to make them feel more welcomed. There will be food and refreshments and this team will also offer assistance where necessary to people with disability (Hoye et al, 2015). They will also offer assistance with parking as well as ensure a good standard of toilets, washrooms and baby change areas for the spectators. The parent/guardian is required to be aware of the movements of their children. Should any child be lost, they are supposed to be taken to a ‘Lost Children’ tent that will work with the police in tracing the parents/guardians (Hoye et al, 2015). Located in the heart of Europe, it only takes one hour from the shores of Lake Geneva to the foot of Mont-Blanc which is the highest peak in the continent.

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