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Corporate Structure Decentralized organizations have a hierarchy decision making structure and all processes and decisions are strictly handled at the top or at the executive levelii. The employees and other managers in lower positions have limited ability to make decisions and can rarely implement any new processes that are off course with no approvaliii. At Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is led by thirty one management committee members, among whom ten are executive officers and eleven are in the board of directors. The chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs is Lloyd C. Moreover, the HR team recruits people with the right skills and knowledge and place them in roles best suited. At Goldman Sachs’ they take the employees’ careers seriously and they capitalize in them, to make sure that the employees interest stay focused on the long term and that they are similar to those of the customers and the stakeholders at Goldman Sachsvi.

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The aim of Goldman Sachs is to optimize the ability of the individuals rasie their effectiveness in business, have the culture of the firm in place, broaden the employees’ professional opportunities, and help the workers in contributing positively to the greater communities. Marketing 4-Ps analysis Product Goldman Sachs offers a variety of financial transactions solutions to its clientele. Goldman Sachs offers financial transactions services to companies, governments and monetary institutions that is part of their product strategy. Notably some of the services offered by the business such as real estate, wealth management, and financial counselling have a premium price. Experts offer recommendations and advice and the charges are a bit high for the guidance and advice of the experts. Place Goldman Sachs has a global office in New York and they also have European headquarters in London.

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