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The same roles that the government play in the provision of most appropriate and the basic things for human beings are the same role that the government plays in the business world. Every government controls the virtual activities that happens or that goes on within a particular geographical area. The provision of vital resources is tied to other vital elements in society. Government plays an inherent role in the development of the business environment. One of the core countries in the world that the government play a great role in its business operations in Australia (Bereford, 2000). The country has also set up a customs plan that checks for the goods that the country imports. There are no duty-free imports in the country.

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All the goods that are imported are usually heavily taxed, and this is dined in the bit to ensure that the country can fully accommodate its local companies and they produce the local goods. The business environment for the local goods in the nation is also well developed to ensure that there is total usage of the local people. The country, through its department of trade, is also very passionate about promoting the use of the local products and hence various measures have been developed to promote the public are fully behind the support of the local products (Beresford, 2000). The Business Licensing Board has been established to ensure that all the businesses within the region are well documented (Beresford, 2000). The documentation is done through some of the annual process from that the government gives to the setting up business and the annual licensing which are done after every six months.

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The licensing currently has been digitized and thus allows the government to have a velar picture of all the businesses which are operating in the country. It also ensures that the business collects taxes which are required to run other sectors of the economy (Howez, 2013). Consumer protection is another major role that the Australian government plays in the business role. The government of Australia’s, therefore, develops rules, and regulations which are an important concept in the protection of employee rights in the business. The rights of employees, which are formulated are needed to be followed to the later by the business (Ni & Wart, 2015). It is prudent to note that environmental protection is an emerging issue in the business world. Most companies are now on the spot for their role in continuous environmental degradation.

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The continuous increase in global warming is another major problem that is becoming a concern of the world today. Generally, the government is the main entity in business development. It is the major force that is required to drive the business forward and ensure that there is an efficient flow of resources within the business setting. The government is, therefore, the main factor in the business world, and its role is paramount in the development of the business environment. The business world depends on the roles and regulations developed by the government. Conclusion Generally, the government is the main entity in business development. Dog Days: Australia after the boom. Collingwood, Vic. : Redback, an imprint of Schwartz Media Pty Ltd. Howez, M.

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