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Multi-millions of cash have been spending to finance and make campaigns, congresses, sizeable public demonstrations so that gun control can be addressed. Gun Control generally means any kind of restrictions that determine the possession of firearms legally, selling them legally, the types of firearms that be put on sale and purchased by the public, and how to store and carry them. It also includes the duties of the seller through vetting the buyer and the obligation that have to meet during the related transactions as set by the government. Gun control also covers matters of firearm technology, limits set on types of magazines and ammunition, and also the issues of the gun owner alone being allowed to fire the assigned firearm.

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“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed,” is the single line in the constitution of the entire United States that makes this issues debatable Rostron, (2013). Vizzard (2014) in the State of Texas, training on the safety course of firearms is mostly done online and sometimes through a licensed instructor, in person. Shotguns and rifles are legal, and their carrying and handling are allowed except in a few places where that act is forbidden. Places like learning institutions are gun-free zones in Texas as directed by the state and federal laws. In some cases, the rules are not that strict as the also allow some exceptions.

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In places where alcohol business is a major activity, guns may not be legally carried since that may expose many residents to danger as drank people may end up misusing their firearms and cause injuries or rather deaths 104. He organized and brought a cache of weapons while in Austin into the central tower of the university. Luca (2016), these led to the shooting of more than forty people who were around the university premises. Another negative impact that may come with licensing students with guns is the curtailment of free speech as students who carry firearms could come up with a daunting atmosphere which might overwhelm the free and open environment for the exchange of ideas during studies. While examining the laws that govern the gun control in Texas, it is a matter of importance to make asses of these laws from a perspective of rules and regulations that operate towards allowing the possession of firearms, and as well as laws that standardize their usage.

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Texas is among the states that implemented the Stand Your Ground Law in the United States, an act that is alleged to be allied with a momentous increase in the total number of homicides that have occurred in the region (Gun Control in Texas 2018). It is important to note that while the policy of gun control aims at protecting law abiding citizens, it fails to achieve the prevention and identification of high risk persons from gun possession and use. Though it comes with a few advantages like that of hindering hooligans from attacking, the shortcomings that come with gun crimes outdo them, and so that makes it a bad policy. References "Gun Control in Texas". Charliebeckett. Org. “Guns Influence Culture and Laws in Texas” (2015) Rostron, Allen.

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