Healing and autonomy Case Study

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Mike and Joanne, believes in the power of healing from the Almighty God and it is evident since it happened to one of their friend who had suffered the stroke. Moreover, as James parents practice Christian autonomy, it appears to be a complicated matter whether they should take their beloved son to a physician or to trust in God's healing through faith. In various cases, it may be difficult for someone who believes in Christian values to balance the physical and spiritual life relatively than trusting only in the positive effect from almighty God to bring the healing (Francis, 2014). This paper aims to demonstrate how the moral issues in connection with religious principles and values that usually decision making, also the deference that occur between the spiritual autonomy and carnal advice in illness.

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The Christian Narrative and Christian Vision Furthermore, the issue of Mike and Joanne has got many moral issues that which needs the application of physical science as well as spiritual faith so as one to come up with reliable results after making the decision. The nurses are unable to decide for the parents of James are the prime in making the pronouncement for their son, and so it evident there is a tension between the doctor's endorsements and James parents pronouncements over the ethical standards and vision. Conferring to the physician, James would have been better after temporal dialysis and for some time since his parents had decided not to allow a complete procedure in dialysis and were difficult for them since they believed in God's miracle for they had witnessed it after a man they knew was healed from the stroke.

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The Christian Narrative and The Discussion of The Issues of Treatment Refusal, Patient Autonomy, Also, another moral issue that comes out from Joanne and Mike's case is about the kidney transplant. In most cases, religious faith is mostly considered as powerful than doctors powers, whereby their knowledge of medical challenges logics at times. According to Mike and Joanne, the transplant of Kidney is regarded as contentious matter due to the fact they believe that the body is a temple of almighty God which ought not to have interfered, and as a result, the only option of James was to survive the transplant of kidney was to depend on his parents if they will allow his operation or denied. According to Christian narrative, the denial of treatment is to be the best thing if only it could result in the burden to many of the people.

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