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This adaptable nature of the machine made it easier for other experts to advance their versions to fit the future needs. Therefore, computers’ history of invention is involved not a single individual; instead, a group of experts who throw their contribution to see it in reality. According to Por Lams, a former distinguished historian professor, the University of Pretoria once urged that history is a relevant discipline when one want to guess what might be the future outcome of technology and how the current status came into reality (Por 7). The present must have come from the past hence for a better understanding of what something is, it’s past and the journey to the current situation matters. For that reason, studying the history of the evolution of computers assist in answering the question of what is a computer? The history of this machine best defined through its evolution.

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Besides, the military uses computer to support their systems in such a way that to aid in modern warfare’s (Owens, Larry 80). In the contemporary business world embraced the use of the computer by incorporating them with the objective, type of the employees present, and history of the firm. By doing so, it enabled the smooth operations of the firm and employees acceptability. Unfortunately, different societies came to echo their dissatisfaction with the shortcoming of the computer, contrary to what they were expecting before. The historians of computing were only concerned about the involvement of computers in a working system environment and what they do. Historically, these operating systems that provide a friendlier user interface originates from the military tactics and the world of reasoning with the support of the Microsoft corporate.

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